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Date DepartmentTitle
March 2022Primary GR CampusEdu Fiesta - Activity Camp
March 2022Primary GR CampusLanguage Learning Academy_Circular for Parents
Feb. 2022Middle DepartmentAnnual Exam Date Sheet
18.02.2022Primary DepartmentGuidelines and datasheet for cycle 4 Assessment class 4
17.02.2022Senior DepartmentAlumni Association
Feb. 2022Middle DepartmentReopening of school
13.02.2022Primary DepartmentSchool Reopening guidelines W.E.F. 14 Feb 2022
07.02.2022Primary DepartmentReopening of School Primary ( Parent's Consent Form )
06.02.2022Senior DepartmentLetter for parent consent
24.01.2022 Senior DepartmentStudent Vaccination
Jan. 2022All DepartmentsVirtual Republic Day Celebrations
18.01.2022Primary DepartmentThird Cycle Result Declaration
25.12.2021Primary PR campus Christmas & New Year Giveaway
25.12.2021Primary PR campusAstronomy Club Activity_Satellite
25.12.2021Primary PR campusAdvisory CBSE
23.12.2021Primary DepartmentCBSE Advisory
18.12.2021Primary PR campusSOF_NSO
18.12.2021Primary PR campusVirtual PTM 
18.12.2021Primary PR campusThe Rising Stars
09.12.2021Primary DepartmentThird Language Allotment
Dec. 2021Middle DepartmentDate Sheet periodic Test 2
04.12.2021Primary DepartmentThird cycle Assessment- Important Guidelines & Datasheet
03.12.2021Primary PR campusGuidelines EVS term assessment in Hindi
03.12.2021Primary PR campusGuidelines EVS ASSESSMENT in English
03.12.2021Primary PR campusGuidelines English
03.12.2021Primary DepartmentTeaching & Third cycle assessment in offline mode Classes IV - V . Teaching Schedule and Timings class V
02.12.2021Primary PR campusअंतरराष्ट्रीय हिंदी ओलंपियाड-2021
02.12.2021Primary PR campusतृतीय टर्म गणित असेसमेंट
25.11.2021Primary PR campusClass 3 Term 3 Assessment
25.11.2021Primary PR campusClass 2 Term 3 Assessment
25.11.2021Primary PR campusCircular Online SHIN PROGRAMME
25.11.2021Primary PR campusCircular for Parents NAS
24.11.2021Primary PR campusGuidelines Term-III Hindi Term Assessment-1(2021-2022)
24.11.2021Primary PR campusGuidelines Math  Term 3 assessment
17.11.2021All DepartmentsSchool Transport
14.11.2021All DepartmentsClosure of schools due to pollution
14.11.2021Primary PR campus Term3, Term Assessment
11.11.2021Primary DepartmentSuspension of online classes on 12 November
10.11.2021Primary PR campusC1_ Term 3 Assessment
06.11.2021Primary PR campusAlien Buddy_Astronomy Club_November
05.11.2021Primary  & Middle DepartmentSchool Reopening for classes IV to VIII w.e.f. 8 November 21
02.11.2021Primary DepartmentSecond Cycle Result Declaration
Oct. 2021Middle DepartmentReopening of Schools
31.10.2021Primary PR Campus circular Reopening of Schools
29.10.2021Primary DepartmentSchool Reopening circular (consent form)
21.10.2021Primary PR CampusActivities and Projects_ Class 1_ Term III
21.10.2021Primary PR CampusClass 3_Term3_Activity and Projects
15.10.2021Primary PR CampusRoots to Roots Virsa
12.10.2021Primary PR CampusHindi olympiad_12
12.10.2021Primary PR CampusSOF_12.10
01.10.2021Primary PR CampusCopy of Time table October class 3
01.10.2021Primary PR Campus Class II Time Table_ October
10.10.2021Primary PR CampusNational Astrotoon Competition_ 10 (1)
Sep. 2021Middle DepartmentHalf Yearly Examination Date Sheet
22.09.2021Primary PR CampusGuidelines_Term-II_ EVS_Term Assessment-1(2021-2022)
22.09.2021Primary PR Campusद्वितीय टर्म _ ईवीएस _टर्म असेसमेंट-1 के लिए दिशानिर्देश
15.09.2021Primary PR Campusद्वितीय टर्म _ अंग्रेज़ी _टर्म असेसमेंट-1 के लिए दिशानिर्देश
15.09.2021Primary PR CampusGuidelines_Term-II_ English_Term Assessment-1(2021-2022)
10.09.2021Primary PR CampusF-SFO OLYMPIADS -2021-2022 (1)
10.09.2021Primary PR CampusClass III_Term 2_Cycle Test Schedule _ Syllabus (1)
10.09.2021Primary PR CampusClass III_An App with a New Cap
08.09.2021Primary PR CampusGuidelines_Term-II_ Hindi_Term Assessment-1(2021-2022)
08.09.2021Primary PR Campusद्वितीय टर्म _ हिंदी _टर्म असेसमेंट-1 के लिए दिशानिर्देश
05.09.2021Primary PR CampusAstro Podcast Contest- 2021
04.09.2021Primary PR CampusAn App with a Cap
01.09.2021Primary PR CampusGuidelines_Term-II_ Maths_Term Assessment-1(2021-2022)
01.09.2021Primary PR CampusTerm II_Term Assessment Guidelines(2021-2022)
01.09.2021Primary PR CampusClass II_An App with a New Cap
Aug. 2021Middle DepartmentMiddle Library Reopening
Aug.2021Middle DepartmentNCC Boys
Aug. 2021Middle DepartmentNCC Girls 
29.08.2021Middle DepartmentSchool Reopening
26.08.2021Primary DepartmentTimings_Second Term Assessments
26.08.2021Primary PR CampusClass 2 _Term 2_ Assessment Syllabus
26.08.2021Primary PR CampusGuidelines_Term-II_ General Knowledge_Term Assessment-1(2021-2022)
26.08.2021Primary PR Campusद्वितीय टर्म _ सामान्य ज्ञान_टर्म असेसमेंट-1 के लिए दिशानिर्देश
25.08.2022Primary PR CampusGuidelines_ Term-II_Computer_ Term Assessment(2021-2022)
25.08.2022Primary PR Campusद्वितीय टर्म _कंप्यूटर _टर्म असेसमेंट के लिए दिशानिर्देश
23.08.2021Primary PR CampusGuidelines_ for Term-II_Library Term Assessment(2021-2022)
23.08.2021Primary PR Campusद्वितीय टर्म _लाइब्रेरी _टर्म असेसमेंट के लिए दिशानिर्देश
Aug. 2021Primary PR CampusClass-I_TERM-II_ Term Assessment Syllabus
Aug. 2021Primary PR CampusClass I Time Table
Aug. 2021Primary PR CampusAstronomy Club
Aug. 2021Primary PR CampusClass II TIMETABLE 
Aug. 2021Primary PR CampusClass III_Term II_Examination Schedule
Aug. 2021Primary PR CampusTerm II_Examination Schedule _2021-2022
Aug. 2021Primary PR CampusNational Deworming Campaign August 2021
Aug. 2021Primary PR CampusVirtual PTM
04.08.2021All DepartmentsFee Circular
31.07.2021Primary DepartmentSchedule to visit the library
27.07.2021Primary DepartmentFirst Cycle Result Declaration
July 2021Middle DepartmentSchool Reopening
July 2021Middle DepartmentDate Sheet of Periodic Test 1
July 2021Primary DepartmentAstronomy Club Activity
03.07.2021Primary PR CampusVirtual PTM
19.06.2021Primary DepartmentAbyuthanm - International Yoga Day celebrations
June 2021Primary PR CampusClass II Time- Table JUNE 2021
June 2021Primary PR CampusClass II_Term I_Activities and Projects
June 2021Primary PR CampusClass-I _Term I_ Activities & Projects
June 2021Primary PR CampusClass-III_ Term I_ Activities & Projects
June 2021Primary PR CampusTime table_Class 3_FINAL
June 2021Primary DepartmentTerm I_A & P Schedule _2021-2022
June 2021Middle DepartmentInternational Yoga Day
21.05.2021All DepartmentsQuarter 1 Fees
21.05.2021Primary PR CampusDr A P J Abdul Kalam Ignited Mind Children Creativity and Innovation Awards 2021 
May 2021Middle DepartmentVirtual Summer Camp
  30.04.2021All DepartmentsFee structure 2021-22
April 2021Primary PR CampusActivities and Projects-Class III(Session 2021-22)-Term I Final
April 2021Primary PR CampusActivities and Projects Class II (Session 2021-22) Term-1 Final
April 2021Primary PR Campus Time-Table ( 2021 -2022 ) 
April 2021Primary PR CampusClass I Activities & Projects 2021-22
April 2021Primary PR CampusClass I Term I Syllabus Session 2021-22
April 2021Primary PR CampusClass III Syllabus Term 1 Session 2021-22
April 2021Primary PR CampusCLASS-I  Time-Table ( 2021 -2022 ) 
07.04.2021Pre SchoolLetter to Parents
April 2021Middle DepartmentBook set Distribution
April 2021Primary PR CampusNew BBPS GRH Timings 2021
April 2021Primary PR CampusOrientation Day Circular
01.04.2021Primary DepartmentNew Academic Session 2021-22
23.12.2020All DepartmentsSubscribing to School's Social Media Platforms
23.07.2020All DepartmentsMessage for Parents (Regarding Quarter II Fee)
22.04.2020All DepartmentsParent Portal Instructions
24.03.2020All DepartmentsMessage for Parents(Hindi)
24.03.2020All DepartmentsMessage for Parents
23.03.2020All DepartmentsPrincipal's Message
06.03.2020All DepartmentsAnnual Prize Distribution Ceremony
06.03.2020Montessori DepartmentOrientation Programme
05.03.2020All DepartmentsCorona Virus Advisory
13.08.2019Middle & Senior DepartmentParental Consent: Student e-mail generation

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09.05.2018All DepartmentsAdvisory : Electronic Devices 2018-2019
09.05.2018All DepartmentsUnfair Means 2018-2019
09.03.2018All DepartmentsArrears Payment & Fee Enhancement dated 9 March,2018 
(on account of  7th CPC recommendations)
05.12.2017All DepartmentsArrears Payment & Fee Enhancement
(on account of  7th CPC recommendations)
07.11.2017All DepartmentsDoE Directive
25.09.2017Primary, Middle & SeniorBBAC, Solan
25.09.2017All DepartmentsSafety Norms in Vans
24.09.2017All DepartmentsAdvisory on Cybersafety 
 14.09.2017All DepartmentsBan of  Electronics
14.09.2017All DepartmentsSafety & Security
12.09.2017Primary, Middle & SeniorUse of  Unfair Means during Exams
06.09.2017All DepartmentsMobile Phones/Attire
12.5.2017VI-XITech Club
26.04.2017All DepartmentsAssignments 2017
15.09.2016Middle,SeniorTech Club
08.09.2016All DepartmentsHoliday
02.09.2016Primary,PRAgra Trip
16.08.2016All DepartmentsInvestiture Ceremony
 11.05.2016PrimaryFirst Cycle Date Sheet
08.05.2016Primary,PRHolidays' Assignment
07.05.2016MontessoriHolidays' Assignment
06.05.2016MiddleFA1 Date Sheet
05.05.2016Primary,PRTeaching Day
05.04.2016Primary,PRAnnual Day 2016 (Non teaching days)
03.04.2016Primary,PRPrize Distribution 2016