CBSE & DoE Initiatives

CBSE & DoE Initiatives

SESSION 2023-2024


The Ministry of Education, Department of School Education and Literacy along with Central Board of Secondary Education organized the Veer Gatha Project from October 22 to November
30, 2022. The project was aimed at celebrating the classic and epic war stories. More than 10 lakhs students chose courageous heroes or the lions of India and weaved their contributions
through inspirational stories, poems, drawing and various other literary artworks. The ‘Veer’ of the Middle Department, Pranati Khattar (VIII G) made it to the list of top 25 students all over
India. She depicted the inspiring journey of Mahaveer Chakra Awardee Captain Anuj Nayyar known as ‘Tiger of Drass’ who achieved much honour in fighting the enemy soldiers in the
Kargil War. She was awarded with a cash prize of Rs.10,000/- in the felicitation ceremony held on 25th January, 2022 in New Delhi. She also witnessed the Republic Day Parade as the special
guest of the Ministry of Defence.

The link for the video:


In continuation to the circular F.No. DE.40(6)/Sci.Br./2022-23/1 68-173 regarding activities to be conducted to increase understanding and shaping the perceptions on the dangers of plastic pollution & available solutions, different activities were conducted for the students of classes I,II & III in the month of October 2022. 

Class I - Video Screening along with follow-up Quiz

Students of Class I were shown a video, apprising them about single use plastic and articles included under the same category. The students then took part in a Quiz conducted by the teacher with an aim to reinforce the fact that although single-use plastic products epitomise convenience, their production, distribution and litter cause severe damage to the environment and human health.

Class II – Poster making and Slogan writing

A poster making activity was conducted for the students of Class II on the theme ‘Say No to Single Use Plastic’ wherein the students created beautiful posters with meaningful slogans. 

Class III – Pledge 

The students of Class III took a  pledge - ‘Say No to Plastic’ wherein they promised not to use plastic and educate others about the menace of plastic. The students pledged to do their bit in order to contribute to the cause of creating a new, clean, healthy and plastic-free India.


With reference to DOE Circular number: 40(6)/Sc.Br./Misc/2022-23/789-93 ‘Awareness Programmes on Festive Occasions’ was organised on 10 October 2022 in the Middle Department. The objective of the activities was to make the learners cognizant of the importance of rivers and the sanctity attached with the same. In accordance with the guidelines, various activities were conducted in classes as follows:
Class VI – Poster making and Slogan Writing activities were done by the children on the topic ‘CLEAN RIVERS’ and ‘RIVER YAMUNA– A LIFELINE TO MILLIONS’. The students created beautiful and thought provoking posters highlighting their comprehension of the seriousness of the problem.
Class VII- Essay Writing Competition was conducted on the topic ‘CHALLENGES OF CLEAN WATER AND THEIR SOLUTION’. The students displayed their literary skills and wrote at length about the contemporary situation of the rivers in our country.
Class VIII- Debate Competition was conducted among students on the topic ‘EFFECT OF FESTIVALS ON OUR RIVERS’. The young debaters put forth their opinions on the treatment of our holy rivers and answered questions related to ‘why the rivers are contaminated’ and ‘how the condition can be improved’.


In continuation of the school’s initiative in accordance with CBSE, of making its learners financially literate, the sessions on Financial Literacy were conducted in the auditorium for classes VI-VIII. 


With the objective of sensitizing the teachers about the fundamentals of financial literacy, a workshop was organized by CBSE in the school for the teachers of Primary, Middle and Senior Departments on 7 September 2022 after school hours. This initiative is part of Activities related to Investor Education and Awareness Initiative in terms of SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996. The resource person for the programme was ACS RAJAT BANSAL, an associate member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) since 2020. The session focussed to create awareness about basic financial planning, how to avoid falling prey to phishing and cyber frauds, etc. This shall help educators stay updated to plan their future in better way. The session was attended by 100 teachers from the school. 


The school celebrated the Cyber Jagrukta Diwas as per CBSE guidelines in association with the Tech Club of the Middle Department. The club planned a lot of activities every month to raise awareness about cyber crimes, internet safety, cyber hygiene, cyber laws and much more. These activities, like E-Poster Making, Video on Netiquettes, Cyber Manuals for Young Learners, Dos and Don’ts while using Mobile Phones and a Quiz on Online Safety, were held on the first Wednesday of each month starting from April 2022 till September 2022. 


To commemorate the occasion of 75 years of Indian Independence, CBSE in association with DOE initiated the HAR GHAR TIRANGA Campaign under ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ across schools. The aim behind the initiative is to invoke the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of the people and to promote awareness about the Indian National Flag .The programme started in the first week of August 2022 with a plethora of planned activities for students across all classes.


The Montessori department has inaugurated the series of celebration of this grand event with a colourful Special Morning Assembly on 08.08.22 in the school campus. The campus was beautifully decorated with Tricolour balloons, flags and kites to spread the colour of Independence everywhere. A rhythmic skit was presented by the children depicting the struggle of our Freedom Fighters and their sacrifices for the nation. The journey of India’s freedom was beautifully showcased by the kids of Pre School & Pre Primary which filled our hearts with a sense of pride and Patriotism .In the end, all the children including the audience, danced on patriotic songs which added energy and colours to the whole program. To conclude the assembly, children were made aware about “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign, an initiative by our honourable P.M Shri Narendra Modi as a take away of the event.

10.08.22- Flag Making Activity- Tricolour Flag Making activity was organized Children made national flag using different textures and paper tearing pasting activity. A selfie corner was created and children clicked their photographs. Children took their flags home as a take away and were encouraged to hoist the flag at their home.

12.08.22-Craft Activity – Proud to be an Indian was organized. Children were dressed up in white kurta Pyjama with a tricolor sash and tricolor wrist band .Children were encouraged to do different tricolor craft activities. To add more fun to the occasion, children brought tricolor food items in their lunch ie Triclour sandwich, salad, pasta and idlis etc.

Overall it was a memorable experience for the children.


Students of Middle School were engaged in a lot of activities with patriotic fervour like  making the National Flag on paper and cloth using different types of colours, a special assembly was conducted celebrating the spirit of independence, a human formation signifying the importance of 75 years was made in the school, posters were designed digitally highlighting the modern perspectives of a nation. 


Our school has always promoted fitness and a holistic development of its learners and with the same objective the 8th International Yoga Day ‘AAROGYAM’ was celebrated on 21 June 2022 in the school premises in the exuberating presence of 160 people including staff, parents and students. The International Yoga Day was not just about the display of asanas but involved an exhaustive plan of activities spread throughout the month.

YOGKALA was organised in the third week of May 2022 for the students of the Middle and Primary Department presenting some highly creative and artistic pieces of art defining the roots of Yoga. They highlighted the importance of the art of yoga on a canvas splashing with colours and thoughts through posters, clay mouldings, message cards.

An informative video was shared in all the class groups on 30 May 2022. To define the importance of discipline and focus in life, the story of ARJUNA: THE WARRIOR PRINCE was performed by Perry Chhabra (VIII G) through a series of asanas and beautifully narrated by Nidhyana Sethi (VIII D). The video was shared in all the class groups on 6 June 2022.

The Quizzing Club of Middle Department organised a quiz on 20th June 2022 for classes IV-XII. The Quiz was made live at 5 pm comprising 20 questions to be attempted in a span of 30 minutes. 558 students participated in the quiz and a message declaring top 10 scorers was circulated in the class groups.

The glorious event of International Yoga Day, filled with peace and tranquility, was streamed online through our YouTube channel.


  (Circular No.DE.23(386)/SchBr/SHP/2022/36-40)

BBPS, GRH Marg conducted a National Deworming drive for the students of Class IV on April 7,2022 as per the guidelines of Directorate of Education and Directorate of Family Welfare, GNCTD. A single age-appropriate dose of Albendazole was administered to the students on the said date in the school premises by the school doctor and nurse in the presence of the Vice Principal, Head Mistress and the Chief Coordinator. The students were checked for any side effects and briefed about the importance of the drive. It was a successful campaign and no student reported any discomfort.


India is known for its cultural vibrancy and plurality of languages. Alphabets are foundation bricks which give shape to the language contours. To further the objectives of Central Board of Secondary Education's ‘EK Bharat, Shrestha Bharat’ scheme for promoting cultural unity, the Primary Department (GR) envisaged the following activities. These activities focused on familiarizing students with the 22 regional languages of India recognized under the eighth schedule of the Indian constitution.

  •  World of Alphabets: Students were assigned to research and write the alphabets and a phrase - ‘Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat’ in the varied regional languages of India. Students
    learnt and witnessed the composite culture of our country through the alphabets from different regional languages.
  • Bookmark-My Bestie: To promote the importance of vernaculars further, students were asked to prepare bookmarks and write ‘I Love Reading’ in different regional
    languages. Students decorated their bookmarks with the help of pictures, colours etc. The activity garnered active participation from the students and appreciation from the parents.
    To celebrate the diversity and unity of India and to build a sense of cultural brotherhood amongst our students, the Primary Department of Pusa Road Campus
    organised a special activity, ‘States of India’ under the ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ initiative of the Central Government. The activity provided a platform for the students
    to appreciate and understand the rich culture, heritage, traditions and customs of different states that are vital for the spirit of nation-building. Different states were
    allotted to the students. They explored the festivals, cuisines, costumes, historical monuments, famous personalities etc. They presented their work through drawings,
    collages & posters. The creative output of the students was compiled as Newsletters.


Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R.), a virtual reading activity for the classes (VI to XII) was held on 12 and 13 July 2021. All the students and the class teachers from the school participated in the virtual session and read their respective books. Students chose books from any genre except their textbooks. They also used diverse digital modes of reading and enjoyed the enriching session. The agenda was to celebrate the wonderful world of reading and include everyone to take some time and revel in reading. The young readers used their favorite books as a medium of rich contexts for learning and immersed themselves in stories. The virtual session was perfect for cross-curricular learning and elicited positive response from students and parents. D.E.A.R activity allows children to value books and creates a strong reading culture!


The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking or World Drug Day, is marked on 26 June every year, to strengthen action and cooperation in achieving the goal of a world free of drug abuse. With the aim of creating awareness, AIIMS — NDDTC, Delhi organized an online program on 25 June 2021 to make us all understand substance abuse, the rampant concern of our society. All teachers of Bal Bharati Public School GRHM, attended the enriching session. The online session created awareness among teachers, which they can further use in day-to-day life to prevent drug abuse and illicit trafficking. The main focus of the session was on the increase in rate of substance use during adolescence years. During the session, the speaker also mentioned the ill effects of substance abuse on all strata of society and quality of life.


In accordance with the CBSE guidelines and the pandemic situation, International Day of Yoga was celebrated virtually on 21 June 2021.Numerous activities were carried out to promote and adopt a healthy and harmonious lifestyle through yoga.

⦁ A yoga workshop was conducted for students, parents and teachers from 10 -20 June 2021 for classes VI-XII. Various beneficial asanas along with a meditation session were also conducted during the workshop.

⦁ An online yoga quiz was also conducted from 18-20 June for students, parents and teachers from classes I - XII. The purpose of the quiz was to make everyone aware and propagate the benefits of Yoga. Winners were appreciated on 21 June.



With reference to the CBSE circular No. Acad06/2021 dated 11 January,2021, 'Road Safety' month was observed in school from 18 January 2021 to 17 February 2021.

A plethora of activities was conducted for the students of Class I, II & III on the theme ‘Sadak Suraksha, Jeewan Raksha.’

These activities included - Poster making, Pledge Taking , Virtual Quiz, Slogan Writing, Story Narration, Vocabulary Enrichment Activity, Collage Making and a Virtual Excursion to Traffic Training Park.

The month-long event, full of enriching activities would certainly motivate the students to act responsibly on the road and make the Indian roads, the safest in the world. The essence of these activities reflected in the quote - ‘Safety is not just a slogan , it's a way of life.’  was truly imbibed by our children.