Secretary’s Message


“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

- Aristotle

We at Bal Bharati Public School, believe that holistic education is a new paradigm for teaching.Since the objective of education in real sense of the word is personality integration, creative intelligence and enlightenment, our teaching-learning experience helps in fostering natural human psychological growth to unfold the real human potential and talents and to further grow up to be well-adjusted global citizens. To achieve this, it is essential for the school and parents to work in tandem. Even the National Curriculum Framework 2005 puts forward that children’s life at school must be linked to their life outside the school. In this regard we offer students an education in a challenging and stimulating academic environment which prepares our young ones to ride high in the glory of success in the 21st century society with all its accompanying technological, sociological and creative challenges.

We believe that life skills are the basis of an effective education. It helps the learners in decision making, problem solving, information gathering and evaluating future consequences of their actions. Its features are richly embedded in the framework of our curriculum. Our school emphasises on life skills through a structured approach. School counsellors and peer moderators manage inculcation of life skills in an organised manner.

With an enriching history and a solid foundation of academic excellence and rigour combined with a warm and inclusive environment, we create opportunities for students to explore their unique passions while valuing openness to new ideas, projects and approach by all.