Summer Activities & Projects


With an objective to foster development of creative, cognitive, physical and emotional skills amongst the learners, our school organised a Summer Camp from 24 May 2022 to 14 June 2022. Through a plethora of activities in the field of sports, art and writing, children were acquainted with their pragmatic and theoretical aspects constructively. Spread across 14 astounding activities, the camp witnessed a positive participation of 367 students. Students exhibited their physical strength in sports like Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Football along with their creative strength in constructing and designing some wonderful pieces of art using colours, quilling, clay etc. We also encountered some brilliant budding chefs in our Cooking Without Fire activity where they learnt to prepare some lip smacking dishes. To achieve the learning outcomes of understanding and comprehension of English as a language, children were enthusiastically engaged in writing and speaking activities like Storytelling, Conversation and dialogue completion, Show and Tell and many more. To boost physical and mental strength, our learners were also taught some of the most beneficial yogic asanas. 


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