MUN Conference 2022

The 14 & 15 November, 2022 turned out to be a day of deliberation and discussion, when students of classes VII to XI simulated the roles of country representatives in the MUN conference held in the school premises. The first day of the Intra-BBPS MUN 2022 started off with the inaugural ceremony, during which our guests and alumnites, , Aarushi Dawar, Secretary General, Vrinda
Sharma, Co Chair UNHRC, Prakrat Gupta, Chairperson UNHRC, Suryansh Jain, Chair, DISEC, Sakshya Singh, Vice-Chair DISEC, were welcomed as members of the Executive Board. Kavya Singh and Priyal Gupta of Class XI took on the duty of Rapporteurs. In his welcome address, Principal Mr L V Sehgal inspired the delegates with his words of advice and direction. Thereafter Secretary General, Aarushi Dawar shared her feelings of presiding over the conference and also officially declared the meet open. During the UNHRC session delegates dealt with various aspects of the rights of the LGBTQ+ community with special emphasis on transgender rights. The session was made interesting with regular helpful inputs from the chair, who effectively guided the delegates. The Day 2 commenced with further interaction among the delegates,while debating and drafting resolutions. In the DISEC committee, the delegates deliberated upon how radicalism is rampant in society, and as all governments need technology to function cyber terrorism is the new norm for terrorists, They also discussed the negative impact of terrorism on today’s youth. Delegates took examples of historical events like WW2, and asked countries to join hands, as terrorism is a universal problem. On Day 2 of DISEC, the delegates continued deliberating upon the impacts of cyber- terrorism, and how it is destroying the world economy and infrastructure.

After both the committees were adjourned, the action moved to the closing ceremony venue. Manya Soin and Sukriti Shrivastav, the emcees welcomed back the delegates. The suspense about winners was put to rest with the declaration of the results of both the committees. The International Press team members were honoured with certificates. Finally, the Chairperson Suryansh Jain declared the conference closed.

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