SESSION 2023-2024


The school NCC selection process for enrolment in Batch 2023-24 for Boys was conducted on April 25, 2023 in the school playGround. The expert selection panel had experienced members including T/O Dr. Virender Kumar, T/O Rajni Rathore and Mr. Sunil Kumar. A remarkable 92 Boys took part in the selection process, out of whom 50 were chosen following an innovative procedure that evaluated their physical and intellectual prowess.



The school NCC selection process for enrolment in Batch 2023-24 for Girls was conducted on April 21, 2023 in the school playGround. The elite selection committee had experienced members including SM Sukhbir Singh, T/O Rajni Rathore, T/O Dr. Virender Kumar and Mr. Sunil Kumar. A whopping number of 51 Girls participated in the selection process out of which 25 were selected after an intriguing process assessing their physical as well as mental fitness.



The energetic NCC cadet, Abhinav Kumar of Class VIII-G attended the month long Republic Day Camp from 31st December 2022 to 29th January 2023, after the successful completion of two consecutive Pre-RDC sessions II and III from 7-14 December 2022 and 23-30 December 2022 respectively. As a proud participant of the event, he showcased his amazing Drumming skills during Group Song and Group Dance presentations. He also extended support in lighting and support in the Ballet presentation at the event. For his brilliant participation at all possible levels in the camp, he was felicitated with a Silver Medal and Certificate of Appreciation by DG NCC Gurbir Pal. The 74th National Cadet Corps (NCC) Republic Day Camp (RDC) 2023 commenced at Cariappa Parade Ground in Delhi Cantt. on January 02, 2023 and witnessed a huge participation of cadets and officers from 19 friendly countries as part of the Youth Exchange Programme. Being in an environment surrounded by so many respected dignitaries, armed forces’ officers, Abhinav could feel the sense of respect towards our Country’s defence forces and made his alma mater proud through his responsible behavior.


Special National Integration Camp (SNIC) is an annual cultural camp organized by National Cadet Corps (NCC). The aim of SNIC is to provide exposure to the cadets from all the three wings about the rich culture and traditions of the country and enhancing the personality traits of the cadets and strengthen their value system. This grand event is culminated with the Prime Minister Rally, which is one of the most prestigious events and charms of SNIC held on 28th January every year. Ms. Rajni Devi Rathore ANO (TGT Hindi) from Middle Department attended the cultural event from 14 January to 21 January 2023, an eight days Special National Integration Camp at NCC Bhawan, Rohini conducted by 7 Delhi Girls Battalion. There were 500 SW, SD, JW, JD cadets and 40 staff members including CO, ADM, ANOs, GCIs, JCOs, and PI staff. Ms Rajni Rathore was assigned different duties including Escort Duty, Discipline Maintenance and Mess Duty. She was highly appreciated for her dedicated efforts and diligence by CO COL Ahmed Khan.


Ms Rajni Rathore, TGT Hindi, became a part of the NCC in 2019 as an Associate NCC Officer. With her consistent determination and dedication towards NCC, she attended an NCC- PRE- COMMISSION COURSE at the Officer Training Academy in Gwalior. The duration of the course was from 8th August 2022 to 21st September 2022. Her experience in the course included early morning yoga sessions accompanied by zumba classes. All these sessions that were of forty minutes each, taught the cadets, importance of punctuality and self-discipline. Ms. Rajni, as a trainee, portrayed a resilient attitude where she dived deep into the life of an NCC cadet and at the same time, successfully overpowered all the challenges that came in the way. Besides learning self- discipline, she also explored her inner strengths at the camp. She has made us proud with her prowess and readiness to overcome any uphill battle.