Safety & Security

Internal Complaints Committee

The school has constituted an Internal Complaints Committee to take appropriate steps to prevent sexual harassment in school premises.

The following are the members:

  1. Ms.Meena Malhotra, Vice Principal
  2. Ms.Poonam Sondhi, Headmistress
  3. Ms.Shashi Ahuja, Women Activist & Social Worker

Bus Travel / Road Safety

  • Do not stand behind or in front of bus or other vehicle, as the driver will not be able to see you while reversing.
  • Do not try to board or jump off a running bus.
  • Do not try to board or get down from bus in the middle of the road.
  • Do not stand on the foot board of the bus/vehicle.
  • Do not lean or peep out of the door/window of the bus/vehicle.
  • Small children should not cross the road unescorted.


  • Leave seat(s) nearest to entry/exit door for your teacher(s) accompanying you in the bus.
  • Step into or out of the bus only when it is at rest or comes to a complete halt.
  • Board or get down from the bus in an orderly(disciplined) manner.
  • Put your bags under the seat or at a specified place.
  • Walk on the pavement of the road.
  • Before crossing the road, look to right, then left and then to right in  order to see whether the road is clear. Cross the road only if it is clear of speeding vehicles.
  • Cross the road over the Zebra-Crossing.