International Dimension (ISA Activity / Global Exchange Programmes)

International Dimension (ISA Activity / Global Exchange Programmes)

SESSION 2023-24


Strongly believing in the Sanskrit phrase Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam meaning the world is one family, the Primary Department conducted a plethora of delightful, enriching, and interesting activities for the students of Classes IV and V through the session 2021-22. The activities aimed at fostering global learning, equipping young learners with skills like research, creativity, synthesizing information and grooming them into individuals who appreciate culture, lifestyle, and environment of different countries.

The Rhythmic Way of the World

For the activity, students collected information/pictures related to the dance form of the country allotted to them and showcased their creative skills by presenting the collected information in the form of presentations prepared on PowerPoint.

Global Learning- National Birds

To highlight the symbolic significance, habitat and food habits of the National Birds belonging to the countries like Brazil, New Zealand, China, Spain, France, Japan, United States of America, and Saudi Arabia, students researched and created colourful and eye-catching posters that conveyed the message “to be friend with birds” and work towards their conservation. The activity enhanced their knowledge about fauna, and they also understood that all living beings play an integral role in maintaining the ecological balance in our environment.

The Creator

The students selected one story from religious literature and presented their story in the form of comic strips. Names of a few stories were mentioned with each religion for their reference. Students used their creativity and writing skills to present the comic strip of their chosen story.    

Sports – A Global Connect 

The students researched and presented information (history, its legends and important milestones achieved in that sport about the National Sports of countries like Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, France, India, Sri Lanka, USA. The activity proved to be a wonderful learning experience for the students.


The IDS Project (2021-22) on theme - Neighbour Connect aimed at a comparative study of neighbouring countries of India – Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Myanmar with special focus on National/ traditional costumes, Important festivals and Places of tourist interest. The host of informative activities made students collaborate and learn together.​


The school is the proud recipient of International Dimensions in School Award (IDS) for the fifth consecutive time. The award is bestowed on school by British Council for adding international dimension to school curriculum. A Virtual Certification Ceremony was organised by the British Council, India on 17.12.21 to honour the schools who have been successful in achieving the International Dimension in Schools certificate for the period 2022-25. The ceremony was attended by the School IDS coordinator, Ms. Pooja Ahuja and Ms. Rachna Chaudhary, IDS coordinator, Pusa Road campus. The school was a proud recipient of  the certification for the fifth time consecutively.


BBPS -EKOS Connection event was organized for the students of classes IX - XI on 3 January 2022.In an hour long virtual meet , 20 students from the school interacted and highlighted the pandemic situation in both the countries briefly. The Polish students began with their presentations showcasing the history of Poland, their city, town, cuisine, culture and school. BBPS students responded enthusiastically to the presentations and introduced themselves along with their hobbies and interests. They had prepared informative and engaging presentations covering the essential characteristics of our school, city and country highlighting the rich cultural heritage of our nation. In the final phase of the event students were shown movies showcasing the 2019 Indo-Polish Exchange Programme.


In continuation with the international exchange programmes, with a prime aim to create cross-cultural exchange, a video conference was conducted with the French partner school - Collège Salvador Allende on 29 November 2021. A fresh batch of class IX students participated in the exchange programme and introduced each other during the conference before launching the new project for the new session. Students from France and India exchanged information related to the cultures of their countries and gained valuable information related to their communities.


An online ‘Dialogue Exchange Program’ was conducted between Indian and Japanese students on 4 December 2021 by Shin Edupower. Divyajot Singh (XI D) and Deeksha Dhawan (XI C) discoursed with their Japanese peer learners on themes like culture, traditions, cuisines, sports, and Art forms.



The First virtual meeting under the MINT Exchange Programme with Die Leonardo da Vinci Sport- und Kreativitätsgesamtschule was held successfully on 18 November 2021. As a part of an hour-long introductory phase, students from Germany and India apprised each other of their respective schools and numerous activities. The students interacted on a one-to-one basis in their break out rooms and exchanged valuable information related to their families before starting with the actual work on MINT topics.


After a year of well-planned and equally well executed activities with international perspective, the school submitted its documentation in form of IDS Portfolio to the British Council on 31 August 2021. In wake of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the activities in the action plan were shifted to online mode and successfully carried out.


As a part of India Outreach, Nordic Consult Group, under the aegis of NB–8 School Forum launched an ‘International NB–8 Cultural Olympiad’.  31 students from class IV and 19 from class V participated in the Olympiad on relevant information related to Nordic Baltic countries and received the certificate of participation.​


Our School has initiated an exchange programme with Leonardo Da Vinci Campus, Brandenburg, Germany. The exchange will primarily deal with MINT topics. Students will work on a collaborative project and exchange work virtually. The first online interaction is scheduled for 28 October 2021, wherein introduction about the respective schools will be given through videos and photographs. An interaction with the German partners will ensue as part of the event ensuring collaborative learning and growth.


The inter school virtual event, ‘Food Salvatio’  was organized to commemorate the essence of the World Food Day. The aim was to sensitize people towards food safety, hunger and healthy eating. An array of interdisciplinary activities ranging from Cook-off to Kitchen Chemistry, from CartoonKari to Infonomica were conducted.


The pride month campaign put in the works by the Office Bearers, entitled "Pride Gaylore". Following activities  were carried out as part of the campaign- ‘Open Mic Event’ hosted in collaboration with the Oratory Club, ‘Intra-School Competitions’ (Poster Making and Creative Writing) & ‘Social Media Page’. This event aimed to increase awareness and support for the LGBTQ+ community by providing a platform for new emerging talents to showcase their creativity and share their thoughts and experiences.

  • A total of 25 students from classes IX- XII participated actively and presented themselves and their thoughts on the topic wisely. Pride, Prose and Poetry (A Creative Writing Competition) gave complete freedom to students to write about whatsoever they wished to write under the colourful umbrella of PRIDE!  
  • In accordance with the theme ‘Revolutionary Rainbows’, participants made innovative poster designs that involved the seven colours of the rainbow or the pride flag in some shape or form to represent inclusion of the queer community in our lives.


German Story narration programme added a real-life dimension to the knowledge bank of students. Naman Goel, Saanvi Gupta and   Tanmay Gupta (Class VII) attended a workshop on ‘German Story Narration with Pictures’ organized by Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi. The students enjoyed participating in vocabulary enrichment, role plays & online games.


Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, organised an internship programme with Dr. Oetker India. Parul Varandani (XI D) and Lavanya Gupta (XII A) were among the top 16 students selected for the internship.The week-long internship (21-25 June 2021) included working on various projects in groups and understanding the career prospect.


Goethe-Institut, started a project, ’GRUEN: Green Urban Environments’, co-funded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Union. Ten students of class IX are a part of this ongoing project which includes working on projects in collaboration with students of other schools from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Magnolia and the USA.


With an aim to give an insight into South Korean culture, language, food and festivals, the South Korea Awareness Program (2021) was conducted by Korean Tourism Organization. Students from the school were apprised of the growing Indo Korean ties and technological prowess of South Korea.  Approximately 250 students across the Middle and Senior Department of the school participated in the webinar, addressed by Mr. Naveen Sharma and Mr. Sandeep Datta, members of KOT.



Under the French exchange programme, a video conference was held with the French partner school - Collège Salvador Allende on 22 June 2021. Students from class X along with the partner school students discussed the main causes of lifestyle diseases and drew solutions to them. The interaction session was truly enriching as the students learnt about diverse ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They also appreciated ways  of sustaining fitness and well being by the French community.


The French Embassy organized national level Comic Strip designing competition-‘Vivre Ensemble’, based on the theme ‘Equality’.

Two groups of students from the school participated in the event. Group 1 bagged the Third Prize and Group 2 received the Second Prize for representing the theme prudently in the event.

TRILINGUAL WORKSHOP (German, French, Spanish)

To celebrate the “European Day of Languages “on 26 Sept 2020, Goethe Institut and Mayo College, Ajmer, organised a German, French and Spanish Festival: Namaste Europe

Ms. Sabina Chowdhary conducted a Trilingual Workshop (German, French, Spanish) along with a French and Spanish Teacher for school students. The Mega event was streamed live on MS teams on 26 Sept 2020 and was attended by various dignitaries. 

A series of five such workshops would be held every Saturday, until 24 October 2020. The workshop is attended by students of various schools in groups of 30 from across the country. The workshop aims at introducing these European Languages to students of class 4 and 5. Students learn a few basic words, learn songs and play an online quiz with other participants.

French Virtual Exchange Programme with Lycée Salvador Allende, Nantes, France


French students of class IX of Bal Bharati Public School, GRHM conducted an online exchange programme with its French Partner school, Lycée Salvador Allende, in Nantes, France on 10 November 2020 on Framatalk.

The students of both the nationalities had already introduced each other on the common platform named “e-Twining” (a European online platform which gave our school access despite being from other continent).

During the session of almost one hour, the Indian students presented their project that they had made on Lifestyle Diseases. They presented PPTs on four lifestyle diseases namely Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Dementia. The students presented causes and symptoms of the diseases and sought solutions from their French partner school.

The Indian students will now make online comic strips incorporating solutions to the problems that they have received from the French partner school.

The exchange was held in both French and English. The French partner school will soon come up with its presentations online in December 2020.

The students enjoyed the exchange as it enabled them to get a glimpse of the French classroom and its setup.

ISA Activity - Designing Our Future- “From Trash to Treasure”

“Collage Making Activity”

To make students aware about various global issues, different activities are conducted by our department on a regular basis. This year the topic taken up was: Waste Management Techniques adopted by different countries. A collage making activity Designing our Future- “From Trash to Treasure” as part of ISA action plan for a secure and sustainable future was conducted for the students of Grade IV from 15th October 2020 to 25th October 2020.

The participants created an informative collage by accumulating facts on various ways of dealing with waste in countries like India, Philippines, Sweden and Uganda. Students showcased their creative skills by presenting the collected information in the form of a collage. Some of the students exhibited their technical proficiency by creating a digital collage to highlight the waste management techniques followed in countries like India, Philippines, Sweden and Uganda. 

Our Pride in Peril (ISA Project 2) (September – October 2020)

The Project aimed at a comparative study of national animals of Bhutan (Takin), Democratic Republic of Congo (Okapi), Tanzania (Masai Giraffe) and India (Tiger).


Making a Collage 

The children researched and collected information through books and the internet and made a collage on the National Animal of the chosen countries with a focus on their symbolic significance, habitat and food habits. 



Video Screening 25.9.20

Videos posted on the portal focussed on - 

  • Symbolic significance, habitat, and food habits of the national animals of the chosen countries.
  • Causes behind the threat to their existence.

Worksheet/Quiz 25.9.20

As a follow-up activity, the students also attempted an online quiz based on the videos. 

Poster making Competition 

Theme -Save the Endangered Animals 

The students made posters with slogans on the theme focusing on the national animals of the chosen countries. 

 ISA Project 1 Independence Fiesta 

The Project was aimed at guiding the students to make a comparative study of how India, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Africa attained freedom with a special focus on important leaders who played a key role in their freedom struggle &  when and how Independence Day is celebrated in the chosen countries.

Collage Making Activity

The students researched and collected information through books and the internet about the location and National Flags of India, South Africa, Mexico, and Indonesia. They explored how and when Independence Day is celebrated in the chosen countries. They drew and coloured the National Flags of the chosen countries; marked them on the world map and depicted & showcased the information collected through posters and collages.

 Poster Making Activity 

The students made posters of leaders/freedom fighters of India, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Africa highlighting their role & contribution in the freedom struggle of their respective countries. The response and presentations of the students were overwhelming and reflected the knowledge that they have gained through the project. 

They can now appreciate and value freedom in their life, understand the importance of peace, equality, and justice for the harmonious co-existence of individuals in a society, and have developed a feeling of universal brotherhood.

Roleplay Activity– Stage Craft 23.7.20


The students enacted like leaders/freedom fighters of India, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Africa. Their acts included popular quotes and speeches of the chosen leaders. The performances showcased the zeal and intense devotion of the freedom fighters like – Nelson Mandela, Sukarno, Miguel Hidalgo, and Rani Lakshmi Bai. The participants exhibited confidence and patriotic fervour. 

 Video Screening and Assignment (17.7.20)

Video Screening Sessions were organized for the students through which they got a brief insight into the freedom struggle of the chosen countries. The chronology of events related to the struggles of the chosen countries, the important leaders & their contribution along with traditions & customs related to the Independence Day celebration were highlighted. The students also attempted an online follow-up assignment.

ISA Activity- Children for International Community Club

Children for International Community Club organised a COSTUME FIESTA under the title Literary Marvels as part of an ISA action plan.

The participants from Class V represented the characters from the famous fables of different countries: China, India, Ireland, United states, France, Germany, Russia and Great Britain.

The narrator of each team gave a brief description of the story and the characters which was followed by depiction of short scenes. The stories selected were: Wizards of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, Magic Carpet etc. It was a beautiful amalgamation of dramatization, narration, colourful costumes, props and background music.



Twenty-one students from the Middle Department participated in a Videoconference on 23 September 2019 with the partner schools: ‘English High School from Sharjah, Pondok Pesantren Pabelan from Indonesia and Hasad Secondary School from Jordan’ on the theme Peace and Reconciliation under the guidance of Ms Rachel Hamilton.



A presentation ‘An Insight into The Literary Minds’ prepared by ‘Children for International Community Club’ was showcased as a part of I S A action plan 'LITERARY MARVELS’ on 30 August 2019.
Students from Classes IV and V prepared Power Point presentations on the famous writers from the countries- India, Ireland, America, England, China, Russia, Germany and France. The participants enthusiastically collected the information with the aim of exploring extensive Literature of the respective countries allotted to them. All the participants showcased their Technical Skills creatively.



As part of ISA activity,the students of Middle Department  presented on December 13, 2017  a special Morning  Assembly on the theme   'International Day of Human Rights'. The main highlight  of the program was  organisation of  a  session of United Nations  General Assembly on the issue  of Gender Equality   by a group of eight girls of Class VIII. Next about twenty students  of class VI  listed and explained the basic human rights through a colorful display. A Play was also enacted by about twenty five students to bring out the importance of  human rights. For this four rights viz. Right to Education , Freedom of Speech and expression , Freedom of Religion and   Freedom from Discrimination were selected. The program ended with   an oral presentation by a student of class VIII on the need and importance of  celebrating Human Rights Day followed by a poem 'In the True Spirit'.

SPLENDROUS SOJOURN (October - November' 2017)


To foster global learning and life skills, a mosaic of “Sojourn” was presented by the students of ICC, Bal Bharati Public School, GRHM in the month of October and November. The young travellers delved in collaborative learning and presented enriching ‘PPT Presentations’ ,prepared ‘Life-Size Models’, ‘Infomercial Brochures’ and ‘Collages’ focusing on the uniqueness of the selected cities. The students not only voiced their opinions in Declamation Competition but also made their efforts acknowledged and appreciated by all.



To culminate the project-'Harvest Utsav' taken up by the Primary Department , Pusa Road Campus,  the final activity was organised on 31 October, 2017 in the school auditorium, GR Campus.   Ms. Rama Maheshwari, an educationist graced the occasion along with the Principal Mr. L.V Sehgal, Officiating Vice Principal Ms. Meena Malhotra , Headmistresses, Dr Sunita Gehani & Ms. Neelam Ahuja, Chief Coordinator Ms Poonam Sondhi, Members of the Parent Teacher Association and parents of the participants. The programme commenced with lighting of the lamp followed by  a prayer by the school choir of the Primary Department, GR Campus.
Some  students then shared their experience about the impact of various ISA activities organised in the school in the session 2017-18. They joyfully expressed how these activities  have enlightened  and apprised them of the culture and traditions of different counties in the world with a special focus on harvest festivals .The cultural programme organised on  the occasion focused on the Moon Festival of China and  included a musical enactment of the legend related to the festival.
71 students of class II and III dressed up in vibrant costumes presented this musical  extravaganza and enlightened all about the customs and traditions related to the festival. The chief guest in her address appreciated the efforts of the students, teachers and parents. The enthralling performance by the students was applauded by all.



A special ISA Assembly was organised by the Primary Department, Pusa Road Campus on 19.9.17. The assembly was a part of the ISA Project – ‘Harvest Utsav’ in which the students are exploring and learning about the harvest festivals celebrated in Africa, India and China. The theme for the assembly was Lohri- the harvest festival celebrated in India.

The students were enlightened about the different traditions and rituals related to the festival of Lohri through a colourful and vibrant presentation which included enactment of the legend of ‘Dulla Bhatti’ associated with the festival. A group of students presented Gidda, the traditional folk dance performed on the occasion. The live ‘Dhol’ performance by Nikunj of Class III A added to the festive mood. The musical extravaganza was followed by Teacher Talk presented by Ms. Rachna Chaudhary which highlighted the importance of harvest festivals and customs related to Lohri. The assembly was a very  joyful and enriching experience for all.

WOMEN ACHIEVERS (29.08.2017)


Inter House  Activities help to develop mental , physical and creative abilities of a child and   make him a confident student, who can face challenges positively.  To bring the creative  skills of the students to fore and to acquaint them with the lives and achievements of Great Women from across the World , an Inter House  News letter designing competition was organised for the students of classes VI to VIII on August 29, 2017 under the aegis of ISA Project- Women Achievers . The students were allotted a Country and a Vocation and  had  to select a woman achiever who satisfied the two criteria. They then presented a creatively designed News Letter which was followed by an oral presentation on the selected illustrious woman achiever. Some of the personalities discussed about in the Activity were JK Rowling – the great Novelist from Great Britain , Maria Sharapova – the Russian Tennis Player , Malala Yousafzai – the Social Activist from Pakistan to name a few.

Parents also lent their support by motivating and appreciating the effort. The Newsletters were then displayed at strategic places  in the Department .  Many students gave their impressions about the activity on the Graffiti. Later the video of the activity was uploaded on the Smart Class which was shown in all classes. This helped the non participants to gain an insight into the trials and tribulations and achievements  of these legendary women.

ISA Assembly 22.8.17 (Homowo)

A special assembly was organised for the students of the Primary Department, Pusa Road Campus on 22.8.17. The assembly was a part of the ISA Project- 'Harvest Utsav'. The theme for the assembly was, 'The Harvest Festival of Africa - Homowo'. The assembly commenced with a brief interactive session on the ISA project- 'Harvest Utsav', followed by a musical extravaganza which focused on the festival - 'Homowo'.

The participants who were colourfully dressed up as the natives of Ghana showcased the traditions and rituals performed during the festival. They depicted the 'Homowo Parade' in which the Ga people march down the streets of Ghana and cheerfully dance, chant and sing to the rhythmic beats of the drums. The parade was very vibrant and a joyful experience for all. A group of students also performed the traditional African tribal dance- 'Kpanlogo' which is an integral part of the Homowo celebration.

The assembly was concluded with Teacher -Talk in which the students were apprised of the traditions and customs related to the festival. The assembly was very informative and an enriching experience for all.


The theme for ISA Project chosen by the Primary Department , Pusa Road Campus this year is 'Harvest Utsav' wherein the students will explore the harvest festivals, 'Lohri' from India, 'Homowo' from Africa - Ghana and 'The Moon Festival' from China.
The introductory activity was 'Collage Making Activity' in which the students made attractive and colourful collages and pictorially depicted the festivals. The creative work of the students was displayed on the display boards and runners in the school. 
A PPT Screening was organised for the students on 24.7.17 and 25.7.17 which highlighted the customs & traditions related to the chosen harvest festivals. As an extension to this activity the students also answered a worksheet on 26.7.17. The activities were a great learning experience for all.


A group of 13 students and 2 Teachers (Ms. Poonam Sondhi and Ms Monika Thareja) visited Genoveva Gymnasium, Cologne, Germany from 13 May 2017 to 26 May 2017 for an exchange program. The students prepared PowerPoint presentation, e-graph, posters, cartoon strips,skiton the topic ‘My World in My Pocket - Teenagers and their microphones in Germany and India’.


Fifteen students from classes IX-X participated in an educational exhibition, ”Germany-Land of Inventors” organised by Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, ND in association with the Frauhofer Institute and the Max Planck Society on 1 February 2017. Students took part in special guided tours of the seven audio stations followed by an interactive quiz session. They got an opportunity to learn about various German inventions across scientific disciplines.


Under the program Generation Global, the students of Middle Department of were engaged in a dialogue on 13 February 2017 via a Video Conference with students of The City's School Bhit Shah, Pakistan on the topic Human Trafficking . (date of VC?)


The V C began with children identifying the worth of a human being, followed by a discussion on types of human trafficking and the different ways to curb trafficking.


Under the aegis of EUmIND, regions 15- an online project brings 13 reputed schools all over Europe and India on one platform to carry out interactions via video conferencing and other sources on various issues of global importance. The project commenced with the creation of Weebly page & individual accounts for all School coordinators. The Home Page is updated regularly & emails are sent out to the schools to keep them posted about the latest developments.

At present, the member schools are gearing towards a video conference which will be held soon.


A special assembly was held in the Primary Department(GR campus) on 30 September 2016 to celebrate International Peace Day that falls on 21 October. The importance of peace was asserted through a skit and Peace March. Quotes of some famous harbingers of peace such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king, Gautama Buddha etc. were also cited.  The assembly culminated with students taking a pledge to maintain peace and harmony.



A craft activity was organised for the students of Primary department (PR) as a part of the World Animal Day Celebration on 23 September 2016. The activity aimed at sensitising students towards the importance of animals in our lives. Students of class I made animal cutouts using pastel sheets and decorated them with different patterns using thumb printing technique. Students of classes II and III made attractive animal cutouts and masks using paper plates and other decorative material.

On 1 October 2016, World Animal Day was celebrated at Primary Department, PR Campus. The programme commenced with a prayer followed by a tabla recital by a student. The highlight of the programme was a Puppet Show presented by students of class II & III depicting the importance of animals in our lives. Through the presentation, children appealed to stop cruelty towards animals and pledged to take care for them. The animal masks and cutouts made by the students during the craft activity organised on 23 September 2016 were showcased through an exhibition. Dr. Sangeeta Budhiraja, an educationist and social worker graced the occasion. The Parents of students of classes II and III were also invited for the event.




Senior Department of the school organized Inter House Poster Making competition- Kaleidoscope. The competition focused on UN sustainable development goals such as – Quality Education, Climate action, Gender Equality, Life below Water and Land etc. The competition was adjudged by Ms Soma Ganguly, TGT Art and Ms Neenu Singh, PGT English. First, Second and third positions were bagged by Shivaji House, Abhimanyu House and Jawahar House respectively.



Under the aegis of EUmIND, regions 15- an online project brings 13 reputed schools all over Europe and India on one platform to carry out interactions via video conferencing and other sources on various issues of global importance. The project commenced with the creation of Weebly page & individual accounts for all School coordinators. The Home Page is updated regularly & emails are sent out to the schools to keep them posted about the latest developments.

At present, the member schools are gearing towards a video conference which will be held soon.


Under the programme, students of Middle Department of our school were engaged in a video conference on the Topic ‘Essentials of Dialogue’ with SMP LABSCHOOL KABAYORAN INDONESIA on 31 August 2016. The participants exchanged their views on changes they would like to bring about in their community. They also discussed the impact of faith, values and beliefs on their lives. A discussion on their respective festivals followed and the video conference ended with students sharing their learning outcomes.



On 1 August 2016, members of Children for International Community Club in the Primary department held an exhibition on the theme ‘Architectural designs of the world’ depicting architectural splendour and magnificence of the monuments of  different countries, namely, India, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Russia and China. The activity provided an insight into the history, significance and glory of some the prominent monuments of the world.



Under the aegis of BRIDGE – India Australia School partnership program, a rewarding exchange of   traditional art forms took place between our school and Singleton High School, NSW, Australia. Through a series of video conferences and under the able guidance of Ms Soma our students learnt and practiced Aboriginal Art – Australia’s Folk Art form. The young artists reveled in the colourful expression and polished their artistic skills by using the creative form to paint the boomerangs sent by the partner school.

They also showcased their competence by painting planters, folders, bookmarks, masks, mirrors, cards etc.  Using Australian aboriginal Art form. As a part of this creative exchange our students taught their counterparts the Indian Art form-Madhubani. These interactions provided a useful platform to the students to share ideas and collaborate while learning with a structured and a constructive approach.



Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan conducted two youth camps in summer vacations for German learners from India, Sri lanka and Iran.

  • Youth Camp in Sri Lanka (28 May-4 June 2016)- Kunal Dhawan of class (VIII A) participated.
  • Regional Summer Camp in Kerala (25 June – 1 July 2016) - Charvi Sachdeva (VIII A) and Anushka Mittal(VIII A) participated.

The camps provided the students, a platform for cultural exposure and an opportunity to refresh German language skills through activity oriented language classes.




Six students along with a teacher got an opportunity to participate in the National Anthem ceremony at T-20 Cricket World Cup on 26 May 2016 at Ferozshah Kotla Cricket ground. They students participated in the Anthem ceremony of Ireland vs Australia Women’s Team and England vs. Srilanka Men’s Team.

The second phase of the yearlong Robert Bosch Project culminated with a 14 member delegation from BBPS,GR visiting Cologne, Germany from 21 May to 3June 2016. The students and teachers were hosted by their counterparts from Genoveva& Maxmillan Gymnasium, Cologne.

During their stay students worked collaboratively on assigned activities from year long project – ‘Conceptions of happiness in Germany & in India’. The students created Power point presentations, collages, videos & plays and uploaded them on the PASCH platform. The delegation visited Cologne Museum& Chocolate Museum; enjoyed river Rhine cruise and amusement park-Fantiazialand, castles and other places of interest. The teachers had an opportunity to visit a Primary school as well. Indian students performed a Rajasthani Dance in the Formal Farewell ceremony organized for the delegation on the last day. The programme provided the students and teachers with first-hand experience of the German way of life and culture.



Students of Astronomy Club participated in Global Astronomy Month (GAM) 2016 activities organized by Astronomers Without Borders (AWB). The activities included Astro Poetry Contest, Astro Art Contest, International Earth & Sky Photo Contest, International Dark Sky, Global Star Party, Moon Watch, Art Exhibition & Safe Solar Observation. Our school has been declared winner in two categories namely, ‘Maximum Number of Activities Conducted’ & ‘Most Innovative Event’. Riya Khanna (XII A) was adjudged II in the International Astro Art competition.The school was also declared winner in the ‘Most Innovative Event’ category during GAM 2015 in the session 2015-16.



A group of 12 students of class VII to XII, escorted by the Tour In-charge, Ms Nita Nijhara, visited Australia for a 10 days / 9 Nights trip organized by Edterra Edventures. The enriching itinerary familiarized students with flora, fauna, culture and heritage of the country through visits organized to places such as, Great Barrier Reef: Opera House; theme parks- Sea World and Movie World; Kuranda Village in Cairns ; Sea Life Aquarium etc. The visit to the University of Sydney, the first university of Australia showcased their teaching and research excellence to the group.


In the 6th International English Olympiad Level II,  organized by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Harjot Singh and Hridaey Hari Kalra of class II secured the First Rank at the State Level and were awarded the International Gold Medal each. Kriti Yadav and Vidushi Jain of class III were felicitated with an International Silver Medal each for securing the Second Rank at the  State Level.

Himanshu Kandpal of class IV scored the first rank at State Level in the 9th SOF International Math Olympiad Level II, organised by Science Olympiad Foundation. He was bestowed the Gold Medal of Excellence.


Students have been selected to work on the following alloted projects under EUmIND in session 2016-17.


  • Saving energy at school
  • My green meal
  • My water footprint
  • Ecological companies


  • Eateries
  • Social Media
  • Sports
  • Local shops versus On-line shopping

Interview by TV5 Monde – French channel

On 12 April 2016, Principal, Mr. L.V. Sehgal was interviewed by Ms. Irina Biovir-Idier, Head of Communication and Sponsorship, Embassy of France in India regarding teaching methodologies being followed for French language at the school.

This was followed by an observation and video recording of the French lecture on the grammar topic “La Nègation”, in X G. Video shoot of the school campus and of the interview conducted of French learners was also carried out.

The entire recording will be soon telecast on TV5 Monde, a French channel aired all over the world.



On 25 April 2016, students of Middle Department of our School were engaged in a dialogue with the students of the following schools via a Video Conference on the topic Environment.

  • Hasad High Primary School for Boys, Jordan
  • IEC, IGCSE Section ,Jordan
  • St. Marks senior Secondary School India

Students from each school expressed their thoughts on what they thought were the most important environmental issues in their regions.

They discussed the importance of environment in context of culture and religion of their own country as well of other countries. They quoted instances that they had found particularly inspiring or empowering from other religions and cultures.

Pasch Principal’s Conference

Vice Principal, Ms Geeta Gangwani attended the PASCH Principal's Conference South -Asia held on the topic “Dynamism and Pro-Activity through School Leadership” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 22 to 23 January 2016.


Pasch University Fair

The school hosted PASCH University Fair on 29 November 2015. In the inaugural programme, Mr L V Sehgal, the Principal extended a formal welcome to the dignitaries from Max Mueller Bhavan. The Fair consisting of representatives of ten prominent German Universities besides “DAAD” (German Academic Exchange Service) showcased relevant information on Bachelor Studies courses available there. Information regarding educational opportunities, admission procedures, required qualifications, etc. was made known to students besides answering their individual queries.

Celebrating 10 Years Of Indo-german Partnership

Max Mueller Bhavan, ND organised a cultural programme to mark 10 years of Indo-German School Partnership on 21 November 2015. The event was organised for teachers and students of schools engaged in Partnership Projects. Ms Sabina Chowdhary and Ms Deepika Bhasin, Project in-charges, from the school along with the visiting German delegation from Genoveva Gymnasium, attended the programme which highlighted the importance of exchange programmes as valuable learning experiences.


German Indian Classroom Programme : Robert Bosch Programme

The school is proud to be associated with the year long ‘German-Indian Classroom Programme’ – initiated by Robert Bosch Stiftung and Max Muller Bhavan, New Delhi- for the fourth consecutive year. The project topic for this year is “Happiness-Conceptions of a Fulfilled Life in India and Germany”. The project started with the selected students sharing introductory e-mails with their German partners. Further, the students have begun their research on different concepts of happiness and their importance. They have prepared collages, videos and questionnaires on the basis of their findings and discussions.

Exchange Programme With Poland

The 11-member delegation consisting of 9 students and 2 teachers from EKOS Poznan, Poland paid a reciprocal visit to the school from 14 to 22 November 2015, as part of the Europe Meets India (EUmIND) Project. The Polish students and teachers stayed with their host families and got first-hand experience of Indian culture and family set up. They also got an insight into Indian education system when they attended curricular as well as co-curricular classes in the school. The delegation also visited the Taj Mahal in Agra and Red Fort in Delhi. A farewell ceremony was organized for the visitors in which the Polish students along with their Indian counterparts presented a colorful Rajasthani dance.


Geofest 2015

GeoFest International was organized by City Montessori School, Lucknow from 1 to 4 November 2015 in which 74 schools from India and abroad participated in the same. Six students of the school participated in the various events. Sanaya Mahajan (XI B) and Varun Sharma (XI C) of the senior team bagged the second position in Model making on the theme, ‘Scope of Organic Farming’. They also won the third position in quiz and got the Certificate of High Commendation in GeoTech competition. Aashna Mahendru (XI B) was awarded consolation prize in GeoTalk, on ‘Cannbis should be Legalized’. Somaditya Singh (VIII B) and Tanishka Tyagi (VIII H) of the junior team got Consolation prize for their Model showcasing ‘Green Electricity’. Somaditya Singhalso ranked amongst the top 16 contestants of National Geography Olympiad 2015 (juniors)

Australia – India Bridge School Partnership

Ms Meena Malhotra, Headmistress, visited Australia from 16 to 25 October 2015 under the Australia-India BRDGE School Partnership programme which consisted of a three day joint professional learning programme and seven days home stay as well as school visit. The learning programme focused on personal relationships, building inter- cultural understandings and strengthening the use of ICT in learning and teaching. Creating groups, sharing goals for collaboration and a range of technologies that support student collaboration were also discussed.