Session 2020-2021

For Teachers


With an aim to equip teachers with Asthma emergency preparedness, a webinar was organized by Lung Care Foundation (LCF) in association with the BEST Club of the school on 5 May 2020 .Fifteen teachers of the Middle Department participated in the virtual hour-long webinar and strengthened their  competence in managing Asthma in schools. The expert panelist for the webinar Dr. Neeraj Jain, Pulmonologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi provided detailed information on Asthma, its triggers, emergency medical care, myths, Asthma Policy for schools, Asthma checklist and Emergency Response Plan for Asthma attack. The LCF will also provide e- certificates to all the participating teachers. The webinar was definitely efficacious in broadening the health possibilities at large.

For Students


Session 2019-2020

For Students


The students of class VIII participated in the workshop conducted by the Cello company on 1 November 2019 and learnt about effective ways of handling stress related to examination and emerge as winners.

PUPPET SHOW (HT) (Classes IV & V)

HT organised a Puppet show for class IV  & V. Mr Mahesh Kumar was the Resource person of the workshop. The show was entertaining and had a touch of humour in it.

The characters were quite comical and the resource person delivered the dialogues in a very amusing manner which captured the attention and imagination of all the students. On the whole the programme was very enjoyable and fascinating for the students.

Secret to Great Handwriting (Class V)

The Primary Department of the school in association with Cello  organized a workshop on Secret to Great Handwriting for Class V on 1 November 2019. Activity sheets were distributed to all students and then they were instructed to write and copy a short paragraph in their activity sheet in a span of 5 minutes.

After the task the resource person explained the five factors of  handwriting namely – Speed of handwriting, letter formation, connectivity, zones in writing and spacing and also apprised children how they can choose a correct pen according to their nail size and showed some yoga for hands.

Students were also informed about  Write to Win  Competition where they can record one minute of their speed handwriting and can submit at to win attractive prizes.

Mentoring Session for class X

Mentoring Session for Class X

An interactive Mentoring Session was  held to apprise students of class X to attempt the CBSE Science Examination. The resource person, Mr. Suraj Prakash, Director, BBPSTC, familiarized the students with the blue print of the question paper of the board exam and shared numerous significant tips to help students write the exam calmly,  systematically and within the allotted time.

For Teachers

Yoga Workshop for Staff Members 

Yoga Workshop for Staff Members 


A three-day Yoga Workshop was organised for the staff members of the Primary and Montessori Department at the Pusa Road Campus from 4.07.19 to 6.07.19. It was conducted by Yoga instructor Ms. Suryanka and Ms. Shweta.The session was aimed at introducing the foundational yoga poses and asanas which can be practised regularly to keep the body fit & refresh the mind , thus bringing positivity in life. The session was very rejuvenating and all the teachers participated with great enthusiasm. 

Session 2018-2019

For Students

Mentoring Session for class X

An interactive Mentoring Session was  held to apprise students of class X to attempt the CBSE Science Examination. The resource person, Mr. Suraj Prakash, Director, BBPSTC, familiarized the students with the blue print of the question paper of the board exam and shared numerous significant tips to help students write the exam calmly,  systematically and within the allotted time.



Conducted by

Name of the workshop



The Hindu(Young World)

Resource Person: Ms Jasvinder Kaur

Skill Enhancing Games

IV –V Girls



Resource Person: Ms Anjali Kaushik 

Adolescence Education Workshop 



Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd.

Resource Person- Ms Nitika Dutta Gupta

Story Telling

III  A-  H


The Hindu(Young World)

Resource Person: Ms Jasvinder Kaur

Behavioural Skills

III A- H  (Girls)



Resource Person: Ms Latika Bhalla, Ms Neerja Bhardwaj

Good Touch, Bad Touch

The Psychology students of class XII went to VIMHANS Hospital on 23 December 2018 for an educational visit.

For Teachers


Name of the Workshop


Conducted by

Attended by

Inter School Collaborative Workshop on evaluating subject wise class X Board Papers



ResourcePerson - Dr. Joseph Emanuel, Dr. Shweta Singh

Mr. Rajeev Maakan

Ms. Kavita Bhatia

Ms Malini Dhall Chawla

Inclusive Education


DoE, Thyagraj Stadium

Resource Person: Ms Seema Tuli, Principal

Mr T.D. Dhariyal, SCERT

Ms Shailja Sharma , Advocate

Ms Poonam  Sondhi

Courtesies & Manners


BBPS GRH Marg at PR Campus

Resource Person: Ms Nanu Rekhi

All Montessori Teachers

CRISP- The Consortium for Research  and Innovation in School Pedagogy 



Resource Person: Mr Rajat Krishnan

60 teachers of the Primary Department (GR and PR campus) 

CRISP- The Consortium for Research and Innovation in School Pedagogy 


BBPS GRH Marg at PR Campus

Resource Person: Mr Rajat Krishnan

Group-1 of Primary Teachers



BBPS GRH Marg at PR Campus 

Resource Person: Ms Tanushree

Ms Maninder Kaur

Ms Nitu Khurana

Ms Natasha Jain

Ms Mridula Ghai

Ms Reena Sharma

Ms Jeevika S Kumar


04.12.18  to 05.12.18

Microsoft in Education

Resource Person: Dr Vinnie Jauhari, Director of Education Advocacy   

Ms Monika Thareja

Ms Mallika Sharma




Resource Person: Mr. Rajat Krishan

Group-1 of Primary  Teachers

CPT Mathematics  Workshop



Resource Person: Prof. Dharam Prakash, Mr. Anoop

Primary Department


Ms Neelam Dhingra

Ms Charu Saxena

Ms Sandhya Thapar

Ms Nidhi Bajaj

Ms Sanju Sehgal 

3D Lab Training Session



Resource Person: Ms Reetu Dawar

All Primary Teachers

CRISP- The Consortium for Research and Innovation in School Pedagogy



Resource Person: Mr Rajat Krishnan

Group-1 of



Theatre in Education



Resource Person: Ms Rekha Sharma,  Ms Sonia Chhabra

Primary Department  Teachers

CRISP- The Consortium for Research and Innovation in School Pedagogy



Resource Person: Mr Rajat Krishnan

Group-2 of Primary Teachers

Microsoft ‘Team’



Ms Sonia Sharma

CRISP- The Consortium for Research and Innovation in School Pedagogy



Resource Person: Mr. Rajat Krishan,

Group-2 of Primary Teachers

Commerce Workshop on Case Studies of Business Studies



Resource Person: Mr Tapan Pathak

Ms Paran Mehta

Orientation Programme on Road Safety (26 July, 2018)

Under the aegis of Road Safety Campaign 2018 -2019 a workshop was conducted by Delhi Traffic Police on 26th July 2018,  at Punjabi Bagh Traffic Training Park. It was attended by Ms.Reetu Dawar and Ms Ruchi Sethi Gupta. The workshop commenced with a short movie on road safety, followed by a talk by ASI Manoj from the Road Safety Cell. Ms. Pushpal Kaur, SI, Road Safety Cell, also delivered a lecture on how to discourage minor driving among the students and the necessity of wearing helmets by pillion riders.

The significance of road signs, signals and markings as well as traffic rules was also explained. Various activities which will be conducted by Delhi Traffic Police during the current session were listed and explained. The role of school teachers in motivating the children to observe the traffic rules was discussed. The workshop ended with an interactive on session in which all the participants exchanged their thoughts on need, importance and means to spread road safety awareness.


BBPS Training center 2017-2018


A workshop was conducted at BBPS Training Centre Pitampura for the teachers of Montessori Department from units all over Delhi,NCR and associated branches of BBPS.It was a 5 day Capacity Building programme from 15th to 19th of May 2017.

All the participants were welcomed by Mr. Suraj Prakash, Director Bal Bharati Training Centre and Dr.Romila Soni.

The chief areas covered were

• How to conduct Circle Time

• Ways to go about the Theme Based Approach

• Assessment through reflective practices, observations and portfolios

• Puppet Making through use of waste material and paper

• A theatre based workshop on motivating teachers was the highlight. Techniques to relax, refresh and replenish through meditation and effective communication were given.

Certificates of Participation were handed out by Mr. S.K Bhattacharya, Chairman Bal Bharati Training Centre at Pitampura.

For Students

Workshop on Good Touch and Bad Touch

A special workshop on Good Touch and Bad Touch was organised for the boys of Class III on 27.12.17. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Latika Bhalla and Special Educator, Ms. Neerja Bhardwaj.
The students were made aware of appropriate and inappropriate touch. They were sensitised and apprised of the difference between good  and bad touch with the help of a ppt and video. Ways & measures to deal with unsafe situations were  also discussed. The students were explained that they must confide in their parents, grandparents or teachers in case of any unpleasant touch or experience. 
ClassDateConducted byName of the workshop
STREAM SELECTION GUIDANCE WORKSHOP:Stream Selection Guidance Workshop was conducted for the parents of students of class X on 4 February 2017. Relevant information about the available subject options in class XI was shared. The school counsellor also guided the parents about the criteria for selection of stream and the major career avenues available for each stream. The queries of the parents were satisfactorily answered. Altogether, 90 parents attended the workshop


On 24 January 2017, the documentary film ’Zikr us parivash Ka’ on the life of the legendary singer Begum Akhtar was screened for the students of class VII in the school auditorium. It was a presentation by Sangeet Natak Akademi. The students were apprised about the objectives of the Sangeet Natak Akademi by Ms. Shruti Lal, Ms Ruby, the Resource persons from the Akademy. The film was followed by an Interactive session which concluded with students penning down their views regarding the entire session.


A learn of 19 members of Anubhuti, the street play society of Janki Devi Memorial College presented a  ‘Nukkad Natak’ in the school premises on 13 February 2017. Students of class VII were shown the Natak, ‘Maila Kuchaila’ which was conceptualised, scripted and directed by the Amit Tiwari. The play, attempted to sensitize students to the life of manual scavengers, their miserable living and working conditions and the inconsiderate attitude of society towards them. The play was followed by an interactive session with the members of Anubhuti.

7 Students of Class X30.01.17

BBPS, Dwarka

Resource Person:

Mrs. Shweta Bhardwaj – TOEFL

Mr. Soumajit Dey -IIHM

Career Fair 
4 Students of Class XI25.01.17

Expressions India

Resource Person:

Dr. Jitendra Nagpal Moolchand Medcity.

Youth and Leadership Summit
61 Students of Class XI21.01.17

Visited Bennett initiative at University-A Times Group Greater Noida

Resource Person:

Prof. Sunit Tuli

Ms. Deepika

 Educational –cum-Career Guidance visit to Bennett University
20 Students of Class VII28.01.17


Resource Person

Mr Vaibhav Kush

Leadership Training: Ride Safe India Programme by ROSES
20 Students of Class VII13.02.17

Road Audit , Nanak Sar Gurudwara

Resource Person

Mr Vaibhav Kush

Leadership Training: Ride Safe India Programme by ROSES
20 Students of Class VII18.02.17

Meeting with School Coordinators

Resource Person

Mr Vaibhav Kush

Leadership Training: Ride Safe India Programme by ROSES


Resource Person: Mr. Rajiv Gokhlany

Motivational Talk - Setting Goals and Achieving Them.

Structured life skills programme ‘ASPIRE’ is being run in collaboration with Envision India for classes IX and X in the session 2016-17. The programme includes six modules which will be conducted section-wise in an interactive manner. Parents are also invited to attend the same.

Following workshops were held for the students during the period of the report:

IX – A,B,C12.07.16Enhance your self confidence
IX – D,E,F13.07.16Enhance your self confidence
IX – G,H14.07.16Enhance your self confidence
IX – A14.07.16Positive attitude – a key to success
IX – B,C,D19.07.16Positive attitude – a key to success
IX – E,F,G20.07.16Positive attitude – a key to success
For Teachers

Workshop for Teachers- 'How to inculcate reading habits in young learners' 

An interactive session for the teachers of the Primary Department on 'How to inculcate reading habits in young learners' was organised on 17 February 2018, at the Pusa Road Campus.  The resource person Mrs. Shikha Malhotra highlighted the importance of books in the session and cited various learning situations where a book can do wonders and help children in decision making & choosing the correct path. She emphasised that parents must read to their children right from their childhood as every new book opens a new world to the child. She displayed & shared interesting titles on Maths fiction, grammar fiction and other social issues like gender equality. She even presented wordless books which had only images and can be used for story telling in various regional languages. 
It was suggested that students must be encouraged to do silent reading for at least fifteen minutes every morning. The session ended with a conclusion that reading skills can be honed if students have access to books and other reading material right from their play schools.


on the topic Learning Outcomes – Pedagogy, Assessment and Quality Assurance

Date- 17th May 2017 - 19th May 2017

Venue- Bal Bharati public school, GRH Marg; School Auditorium

Resource Persons- Mr. Suraj Prakash, Dr. Anoop Rajput, Ms. Pratibha Kohli (for EVS)

The informative workshop was divided into three sessions.

In the first session, Teachers were apprised to quantify learning of pupils which is really important to fulfil the learning objectives. What are learning outcomes and the pedagogy to achieve desired learning outcomes were discussed.

In the second session, Dr. Anoop gave an insight to how student centred learning helps retaining knowledge better. How a teacher should adopt a technique to teach students from whole to part was also an interesting and useful tip discussed.

After a tea break for half an hour

The third session was taken in respective classrooms by different resource persons for each subject namely Maths, Hindi, English and EVS where teachers actively took part in group discussions and also had an interactive talk with the resource person focussing on the challenges a teacher faces during subject teaching and ways to deal with them effectively. The key words to design learning outcomes were listed. Teachers got a chance to design their own learning objectives, decide corresponding pedagogy and also to select the learning outcomes based on the keywords mentioned to them taking any topic of their subject. This helped the teachers to practically apply their learning.

The session ended with boosting up teachers with a new zeal to provide a better learning environment for students and to quantify assessment of learning.


A Workshop on First Aid was organised on 14 March 2017 for the teachers of Primary Department. Around 30 teachers attended the workshop. Conducted by Dr Debashis Dhar Senior Consultant, Department of Critical Care and Emergency, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, the workshop aimed at disseminating information about the techniques of administering Basic First Aid and training in Health Care. Dr Dhar discussed the causes, symptoms, and first aid to be given in several health conditions ranging from common to critical, such as Asthma, Seizures, Fainting, Nose Bleeding, Abrasions, Fractures and Sprains. Different splints and method of using them was also explained. Critical Conditions like Cardiac Arrest and Choking; and the technique of giving compression; mouth to mouth and bag mask ventilation to revive a patient were also demonstrated using a human sized dummy. He also discussed the use of AED- Automated External Defibrillator.

Name of the WorkshopDateConducted ByAttended By
Supercharge your class room04.03.17

Resource Person:

Mr Mathu Shalini (Khan Academy)

Ms Geeta Balani

Ms Kiranjeet Chugh

Mr Rajiv Maakan

Ms Neelam Dhingra

Ms Sanju

Ms Nidhi Bajaj

Ms Sandhya

Ms Savita

Workshop on 3R’s13.02.17

NPC in Collaboration with Ministry of Urban Development

Resource Person: Ramakant

(Dy. Advisor PHE)

Mr. N.K. Verma

(Former Director(PCB),

Vaishali Nandan

(Sr. Advisor, GIZ)

Ms. Pooja Seth

Ms. Shashi Sahani

Paper Plane Workshop15.02.17

Australian High Commission

Resource Person :

Mr. Dylan Parker

Mr. James Norton

Ms. Maninder Kaur

Ms. Anita Dua

NPSC Conference 2016-17





Resource Person: Mr. Amitabh Kant, IAS CEO,NITI Aayog

Mr. K C Singh, former Ambassador Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs.

Dr. R.K. Chaturvedi

IAS,Chairman CBSE

Prof. Sugata Mitra Director, Sole Central + Many More

Ms Sonika Babbar

Ms Sunita Rawat


On 27 January 2017, the School hosted a workshop for teachers of French, organised by Rachna Sagar Educational Publishers. It was attended by 60 teachers from schools in Delhi NCR. The resource person, Dr. Kiran Chaudhry, Professor of French, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Delhi focused on different forms and activities of grammar feasible in an Indian classroom; and the latest techniques and methods for teaching French as a foreign language.

Combating NCD’s at an early age”31.01.17Indian Academy of Paediatrics

Ms Shashi Kala Jain

Ms Arti (French)

Bringing computational thinking to schools 20.6.16

 CompTA, Google, TCSResource Person:

Prof. Pankaj Jalote

Ms. Neelima Gupta

Ms. Monika Thareja
Cyber Security11.6.16

Computer Teachers Association (CompTA)

Resource Person:

Mr. Kshitij

Ms Vinita Dhawan

Ms. Monika Thareja

Hindi Vyakaran: Bhasha Aur Vartni 14.5.16

 BBPS GRH MargResource Person:

Ms Vandana Sharma

All Montessori & Primary Teachers
Capacity Building Programme on Scholastic aspects of CCE




CBSE Resource Person:

Ms Archana Sharma

Ms Alka Kher

Ms Vaneeta Gupta

Ms Anju Marwah

Ethics in Elementary Education07.04.16

D S Kothari Centre, Delhi

Resource Person:

Ms Meenakshi Thapan

Ms Anuradha Goel
Are We Opinion Leaders or Bottle Necks?18.04.16


Resource Person:

Ms Anshu Gupta

Ms Renu Malhotra
Youth Parliament


to                    22.04.16

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs

Resource Person:

Mr. R.C. Mohanty

Ms Alka Nagpal

Ms Nisha Negi

Green School Project (GSP) Audit 2016 28.04.16 Resource Person:Ms. Ajanta SidkarMs Deepanjully Mahanta
Accountancy Workshop29.04.16

 Sultan Chand & SonsResource Person:

Mr. S.S. Sehrawat

Mr G.S. Grewal

Mr R.K. Khosla

Ms Vaneeta Gupta

Ms Shailja Nagpal

BBPS Training center
Name of the WorkshopDateResource PersonAttended by
Onsite Capacity Building Programme (Conducted at BBPS,GR)04.02.17Resource Person- Ms Aradhana Sharma All Primary Teachers
Action Research13.02.17                       to                     14.02.17Resource Person:                        Dr. Neerja Raghavan

Ms Anupam Sachdev

Ms Sunita Gehani

Ms Deepa Ahuja

Ms Deepanjully Mahanta

Ms Pushpinder Kaur

Ms Sukriti Sehgal

Onsite Capacity Building Programme (Conducted at BBPS,GR)18.02.17

Resource Person-

Ms Inderbir Kaur

All Primary Teachers
Just in English Please22.02.17

BBPS,GRH Marg Pusa Road Campus

Resource Person: Ms Rekha Sharma

All Montessori & Primary Teachers

Capacity Building Programme on Action Research:

Reflective Teacher

21.04.16Ms Neeraja Raghavan

Ms Kanika Sareen

Ms Maninder Kaur

Ms Sonia Sharma

Ms Satinder Kaur

Ms Savita Mehta

Capacity Building Programme for TGT’s11.05.16                to                     15.05.16

Ms Neeta Rastogi

Dr. Suraj Prakash

Prof. Ahrar Husain

Ms Rita Talwar

Dr Gurjeet Kaur

Dr Kalyani

Mr Hari Om Gupta

Mr Kapil Tripathi

Dr. Amarendra Prasad Behera

23 TGTs (English, Maths, Science and Social Science)
Capacity Building Programme for Mont. Teachers




Prof Aadarsh

Ms Romila Soni

Ms Upasana Dembla

Ms Madhvi Menon

Dr. Bharti

Ms Madhu Pant

26 Mont. Teachers
Capacity Building Programme for Primary teachers and TGT Hindi




 Mr R. MeganathanDr Dharam Prakash

Mr Anup Kumar Rajput

Ms Sudha,Rangarajan

Dr Madhu Pant

Mr R. Meganathan

Ms Villie Aria

Ms Sudha Rangarajan

Ms Shilpa Jaiswal

Dr. Satya Veer Singh

07 TGT Hindi &

41 Primary Teachers