Fee Structure/ Fee Schedule/rules

Fee Structure/ Fee Schedule/rules

SESSION 2024-2025


a.) No change in Admission fee/Reg. Fee as directed by Department of Education.

b.) No Caution money is charged.

c.) Smart Class Programme Fee is charged at the rate of Rs. 150/- per month .

d.) Annual Charges will be charged at the rate of Rs.12,000/- .

e.) Activity fee for Orientation Programme and Activity Fee for Skill Development amounting to Rs.17000/-are charged at the time of Admission only. There  has been no change since 2016-17.

f.) One time Miscellaneous charges for 2024-25 will be Rs 230/- for classes PS to II, Rs 580/- for Classes III to VIII and Rs 480/- for Classes IX to XII.

The School Policy for fee payment is as follows:
A. The school will be raising the bills for fee on quarterly basis around 10th of the first month of every quarter.

B. The parents will be asked to pay the fee by 30th of that month. In case the due amount is not paid by the parent in above mentioned time period, the following fine is proposed to be charged for the late payment of fee:

Particulars Amount (Rs.)
From 1st day of the Second month of quarter till 15th of the said month Rs. 500/-
For further delay upto 30th of the second month of the quarter Rs.750/-
For further delay upto 30th day of the last month of quarter. Rs.1000/-
If still the amount is outstanding, then the school shall be initiating the appropriate proceedings and action under the DSEAR 1973 for striking off the name of the student. Re admission may be granted by charging the entire pending dues with fine calculated as per the above details.

C. Cheque returned by the bank for any reason will be treated as Non-Payment. New Payment to be made by Pay Order only together with penalty of Rs. 500/- and corresponding late fee fine.