The school publication Sagarika has been for decades a medium for news and views of Bal Bharati Public School GRH Marg. Sagarika in its present form has some regular features. Foremost amongst these is the Editorial which sets the tone and theme of the issue. The Magazine has a detailed Campus Coverage, Sports Round up and Intra and Inter School Competitions. A large section of the Magazine is reserved for creative composition of the students. The Central Coloured feature is common for all departments and contains the global activities of the school. In the Senior Department section, pride of place is given to the latest Academic Result.

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SANSKRIT SAUGANDHIKA 2021-Newsletter by the Sanskrit Department of the school

Sanskrit, also considered as Dev Vani or the ‘language of Gods’, holds great significance as a storehouse of immeasurable knowledge. It is the greatest treasure given to the world by ancient India. The fact that New Education Policy (NEP) has laid an ambitious path for “mainstreaming” the language, speaks volumes about the importance of promoting Sanskrit in schools.

The publication of the ‘Sanskrit Saugandhika’ newsletter by the Sanskrit Department of the school is a step towards promulgating magnanimous Indian ethos and systematically dispelling the notion that Sanskrit is a difficult language.

We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and reap the benefits that it offers.

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The 'Sagarika Newsline', a quarterly publication has been launched in 2011. The need to cover school news at regular intervals as well as give the large number of our achievers and achievements adequate coverage, led to the decision of publishing newsletters every three months. This also provides departments an opportunity to cover exclusive departmental news, that might not be featured in the annual Sagarika for lack of space. We are gratified that the first copy of the newsletter was released in October 2011 and has won appreciation and support.


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Sagarika Newsline 

Middle   Senior
APR.23-JUL.23    Montessori  Primary PR  Primary GR Middle      Senior
JAN.2023- MAR. 2023    Montessori  Primary PR Primary GRMiddle  Senior
OCT.2022-DEC. 2022   Montessori  Primary PR  Primary GRMiddle  Senior
JUL.2022-SEP. 2022    Montessori  Primary PRPrimary GR   Middle  Senior
APR. 2022 - JUNE 2022   Montessori  Primary PR    Primary GR          Middle  Senior
DEC. 2021 - MARCH 2022  Montessori   Primary PR Primary GRMiddle  Senior
JULY 2021 - SEPT.'2021    Montessori Primary PR  Primary GR  Middle   Senior
APRIL'2021 - JUNE'2021Montessori Primary PRPrimary GRMiddle   Senior
OCT. 2020- MAR.2021  Montessori    Primary-PR     Primary GR  Middle  Senior
JULY'2020 - SEPT.'2020Montessori  Primary PRPrimary GR      Middle  Senior
OCT'2019 - MAR'2020MontessoriPrimary PRPrimary GR Middle Senior

12th All India Inter Unit Bal Bharati Sports Meet 2018


Every year, on the occasion of the Winter Carnival, a Souvenir is published which highlights the important aspects of the previous session. Messages from distinguished personalities and members of the Managing Committee are a regular feature. A detailed report of the Campus activities and Departmental achievements find a place of prominence within this publication. A large number of well wishers send in advertisements for the Souvenir. The PTA also sends in its annual report for the Souvenir. The X and XII class results are a prominent feature in each issue.

School Calendar

The school's 'Table Calendar cum Planner' is an itinerary of the school's events slated throughout the year. It enables the students to become aware of the upcoming events, competitions and examination schedule well in advance and prepare accordingly. Bedecked with artwork contributed by students, it is also a platform to showcase our students' artistic abilities in an innovative manner. Their drawings/paintings have been used as illustrations for each calendar month, in this publication.

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School Diary

A school Diary is an indispensable part of a student's school life.. Besides being a rule book informing students about the various do's and don'ts in the school, it enables them to maintain a record of the personal data, home assignments, time table, absenteeism and payment of fees. It also serves as an effective means of communication between parents and teachers. In addition, it gives information on school activities and exam pattern.

Teachers' Diary

The Teachers' weekly Diary is an important record to be maintained by a teacher. It highlights the teacher's weekly plan of work. The diary also enables the teachers to maintain a record of the syllabus of the subjects being taught, the projects undertaken, the response of the students, remedial work done to improve the weak students, result of tests and internal assignments as well as Parent Teacher Meeting.

Teachers' Handbook

Teachers' Handbook serves as an informative guide for a teacher. It contains useful information regarding school activities, duties and responsibilities of a teacher, application forms for leaves and the rules relating to them.

Teachers' Daily Diary

A Teachers' Daily Diary serves as a comprehensive record of work done by him/her throughout the day. It can also prove to be a useful guide for future reference and use.

School Prospectus

The school Prospectus is the very first formal introduction of the school to the parents. Besides highlighting the history, philosophy and motto of the school, it gives information about the infrastructure and the facilities available in school. In addition, it familiarizes parents about the academic and co-curricular aspects of the school.

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