Excursions & Tours

"Travelling provides knowledge and with knowledge comes understanding" – is an oft quoted saying. Trips and excursions form an essential part of our curriculum. Travel provides immeasurable opportunities to students to enhance, enrich and expand their lives. The outings are a learning experience for students and has an everlasting impact on them.

SESSION 2022-2023

SESSION 2021-2022

Class/SecDateVirtual ToursNo. Of Students
VI-VIIIMay- June 2021MP & RajasthanAll Students
IV - VMay- June 2021Red FortAll Students
IV - VMay- June 2021San Diego ZooAll Students
IV - VMay- June 2021Deep Sea DivingAll Students
IV - VMay – June 2021Exploring Mars – The Red PlanetAll Students
IV - V22.07.21Humayun’s TombAll Students
IV21.09.21The Alipore Zoo, KolkataAll Students
V21.09.21The Ajanta CavesAll Students
IV (A – H) 08.12.21Temples of MahabalipuramAll Students
V (A -H)08.12.21Ellora CavesAll Students
IV ( A- H) 03.03.22Exploring the Coral ReefAll Students
V ( A-H) 03.03.22Exploring the ArcticAll Students


On 19 November 2020 from 2h30 to 3h30, a virtual tour was organized by Frehindi Pvt Ltd, Paris for Bal Bharati Public School, GRH Marg. 

All the students of class IX and X were invited to the zoom link provided by the organizers. During the one-hour virtual tour, the students visited Lyon, an industrial French city to the south of France. This third largest city of France and the second most populated one was shown to our students with its detailed description.

During the virtual tour, the students were made to visit the administrative buildings of the city, the streets with all its Christmas decorations, supermarkets and bakeries. Students were given a glimpse of how the French live, their alimentation, etc. 

Our students were also detailed about the general services that the French government is providing to combat the Covid 19 pandemic. 

In the end, the question round was taken up wherein the students asked the organizers questions on the French city shown. 

Link to the virtual tour: https://www.facebook.com/100001508612744/posts/3586656861394566/?d=n

Virtual Excursions


Virtual Excursions were organised for Classes I –III to add fun to the day-to-day learning and enhance the learning experience of our children.

The video presentations of virtual excursions were posted on Connected Classrooms Portal along with a follow-up assignment. The following places of interest were taken up in the months of October-December.


MonthClass 1Class 2Class 3
OctoberGolden Temple, Amritsar (5.10.2020)

Taj Mahal, Agra (15.10.20)

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur (26.10.20)

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Delhi (15.10.20)

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur (26.10.20)

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur (15.10.20)

Amber Fort, Jaipur (26.10.20)

NovemberAmber Fort, Jaipur (5.11.20)

Sanchi Stupa, MP (23.11.20)

Amber Fort, Jaipur (5.11.20)

Sanchi Stupa, MP (23.11.20)

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata (5.11.20)

Sanchi Stupa, MP (23.11.20)

DecemberVictoria Memorial, Kolkata (14.12.20)

Konark Sun Temple (28.12.20) 

Tughlaqabad Fort (14 .12.20)

Konark Sun Temple (28.12.20) 

Konark Sun Temple (14.12.20)

Red Fort, Delhi



Visit to Crafts Museum

Twenty two students of class IV and V visited the Crafts Museum on 5 February 2020. The museum is located in the Pragati Maidan in Delhi. The museum has over thirty-three thousand assorted collection of various crafts of clay, stone and wood. Among the multiple galleries housed in the complex, the popular ones include Tribal and Rural Craft Gallery, Gallery of Courtly Crafts, Textile Gallery, Gallery of Popular Culture etc. Our students attended the workshop of Kalamkari, Block- Printing and Block Making. They participated in various activities along with the artists. The craftsmen happily responded to the queries of students even as they demonstrated their techniques. The students were excited and enthused, as they animatedly exchanged their observations and had their refreshments. It was really a refreshing outing of edutainment for the students.

Excursion to Traffic Training Park (25.09.19)

An excursion to Traffic Training Park was organised for the students of Class I on 25.9.19. The purpose of the excursion was to introduce the students to the  basic road safety rules. The Traffic Training Park is equipped with traffic signals, road signs and  crossings and thus the children enjoyed learning about the various aspects of road safety. The little visitors got a chance to cross the road independently, steadily making it to the other side by watching the signal carefully. They also learnt about the safety measures to be followed while riding a bicycle or a bike to keep themselves safe on the road. The children keenly  grasped the information and enjoyed the educational trip.

Excursion to National Science Museum ( Class III) - 24.7.19 and 26.7.18

An educational trip to the National Science Museum was organised for the students of Class III on 24.7.19 and 26.7.18.

The children were given a brief synopsis of what to expect in the seven museum galleries in the amphitheatre at the reception.

 The curious and enthusiastic students  visited the following galleries-

  • Water, The Elixir of Life Gallery

Here children embraced the importance of water even though seemingly a trivial thing as easily available at no cost.

  • Heritage Gallery

The children were impressed by the knowledge that concepts like zero, power of ten originated in India.

They  felt proud of the unexplained advanced techno miracles exhibited in the gallery For example, Qutab Minar, the tallest natural sandstone tower in the world and the Iron Pillar.

They were totally overwhelmed and felt the truth of the saying, ‘सोने की  चिड़िया’ a phrase used to describe India in the olden times.

  • Human Biology Gallery

The students were mesmerised by the exhibits in the gallery which triggered their interest in facts about human anatomy.

  • Prehistoric Life Gallery

The students were amazed to see the gallery which is a recreation of world that none of us have seen as it existed millions of year ago. Giant Scorpions, early birds, gigantic dinosaurs and many more, are presented with artificially created ambience and special sound and light effects. The children had fun and adventure posing as dinosaurs, themselves.

  • Fun Science Gallery

Children tried their hands on the various interesting experiments in this gallery.

  • Information Revolution -Cave Painting to Internet Gallery

 Children keenly watched the latest technological developments in the field of information and communication.

The excursion was an enriching experience for all the students and teachers.

Excursion to Indira Gandhi Memorial (Class II)

The students of Class II visited the Indira Gandhi Memorial on 24.4.19 and 26.4.19.

Prior to the visit they were shown a video which briefed them about the Museum and aroused their curiosity. The Museum which houses a collection of rare photographs of the Nationalist Movement, personal moments of the Nehru-Gandhi family, and childhood of Ms. Gandhi, gave the students an insight into the of the life of the former Prime Minister of India. The exhibits in the museum also included her personal belongings such clothes, pens, bags, book collection etc.  along with the gifts she received from various important dignitaries from across the world. As a follow-up activity, a quiz related to the visit was conducted by the class teachers to assess and reinforce important facts related to the Museum.

US trip organised by Edterra


The US trip organised by Edterra started from 13 June and ended on 25 June 2019. Everything was well managed and went according to the schedule. Our experience at Kennedy Space Centre and Rocket Garden and the Astronaut Training Programme was truly amazing and we could not help but feel ecstatic everytime we recall the memories of Cocoa Beach. The Niagara Falls calmed us down and gave all of us a peace of mind. It was wonderful visiting Universal Studios Orlando, Madame Tussauds, the famous Statue of Liberty, Harvard University, MIT and Columbia University. Every single day of this trip was educational and yet full of adventures.

Trip to US Edterra

 Excursion to Humayun’s Tomb - Class III 


An educational excursion to Humayun’s Tomb , a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993 , located at Nizamuddin, Delhi was organised for the students of Class III on 28.11.18 and 29.11.18.
The visit to the  complex which encompasses the main tomb of emperor Humayun along with graves of many other Mughals was a very enthralling experience for the students. They were apprised of the  fact that the monument was  a precursor to the majestic Taj Mahal and  represents a leap in Mughal architecture. They admired the beauty of the monument &  the lush green Charbagh Gardens surrounding it and took pride in the rich Indian culture & heritage.

Excursion to the National Rail  Museum - Class I

An excursion to the National Rail Museum was organised for the students of Class I on 20.11.18 and 27.11.18. The visit to the Museum which has six display galleries, and a large open display area laid out to simulate the atmosphere of a railway yard was a fun-filled experience for the students. They enjoyed the rich historic heritage of the Indian Railways through the various real life size exhibits which included Steam, Diesel and Electric locomotives and coaches. The working models of different trains and Interactive display in the galleries made the experience very enriching. The most exciting part of the excursion was the Joy Train Ride which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.

 Excursion to National Bal Bhawan - Class I 

An excursion to the National Bal Bhawan was organised  for the  students of Class I on 10.10.18 and 12.10.18. It  was an enriching and  fun-filled day for all the students. The visit began with the Mini Bird Arena, where the students were delighted to watch different species of birds, rabbits, parrots and ducks. The next in row was Jawahar Aquarium followed by the National Children’s Museum which displayed beautiful masks, traditional games, paintings etc. The students were enthralled by the Gaurav Gatha Gallery which showcased the glorious historical event of India and depicting various epics, tales, independence struggle and reforms in the Indian society.
They also visited the Traffic Training Park situated in the campus where they were guided to follow traffic rules and road signs. The visit ended with the Mirror Gallery where the students laughed and giggled over their funny distorted images.

 Visit to Bal Bharati Activity Centre, Pitampura - Class I ( 04.10.2018, 08.10.2018, 10.10.2018 & 11.10.2018)

The students of Class I visited the Bal Bharati Activity Centre, Pitampura on 4.10.18, 8.10.18, 9.10.18, 10.10.18 and 11.10.18. The  visit which was aimed at engaging the students in a series of Hands-on Multiple Intelligence Activities proved to be fun-filled day for all the students. The activities included - Science Experiments, Fun activities on Mathematics, Cooking without Fire, Block Puzzle Activity and Self Balancing Toy making Activity.

The students also made their own slam book in which they recorded all the activities done during the day.

The concluding activity was a Shadow Puppet Show, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students .

Each student was given a ‘Goody Bag’ as a parting gift  which had their slam book , paperbalancing toy and a pack of cookies.The visit was a memorable experience  for the students which gave them a platform to hone their skills.

 Excursion to Qutub Minar- Class II ( 03.10.2018 & 09.10.2018)

The students of Class II  visited Qutub Minar which is one of the earliest and most prominent examples of Indo-Islamic architecture situated in Delhi on 3.10.18 and 9.10.18. The visit to the complex which is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and lush green lawns was an enthralling experience for all. Through the excursion the students were exposed to the magnificent architectural heritage of India.

 Excursion to Mughal Garden- Class III ( 21.02.2018 & 22.02.2018)

An educational trip to The Mughal Gardens was organised for the students of Class III on 21.02.18 and 22.02.18. The excursion to the beautiful iconic Gardens located in the complex of ‘The Rashtrapati Bhawan’ included a visit to the Circular, Spiritual, Herbal, Bonsai, Cactus and Musical Gardens. Both the  students and teachers were enthralled to see a variety of flowers in varied colours.The visit to Gardens , said to be the ‘Soul of the Presidential Palace’, was indeed an enriching experience for all.

 Day Long Picnic : Class III ( 02.02.2018)

The annual daylong picnic to Kidzania, Noida was organised for the students of Class III on 3.02.18. The visit to the interactive indoor theme park provided  an authentic experience to the students and helped them discover ,explore and learn about the real-world through real-life role-play activities. The children enjoyed  playing a pilot, surgeon, chef, engineer, TV producer, fireman, radio jockey etc. Activities like making a pizza, doughnut and kinderjoy etc were enjoyed the most.Many children also participated in a flash mob activity. The students joyfully learnt to manage money and enjoyed exploring various professions.The trip was indeed an enriching experience for all the students.

 Annual Picnic : 2018 (Classes I, II & III)

The much awaited annual picnic was organised for the  students of classes I,II & III on  7.02.18, 8.02.18 and 9.02.18 respectively.
The picnic venue for the students of class I was Buddha Garden while the students of Classes II and III visited Mahavir Vanasthali Park and Talkatora Garden respectively.
The students were escorted by the class teachers and activity teachers. They had an exciting, fun-filled outing which provided them a recreational break from the regular school routine. The children enjoyed playing different games with their friends. They sang songs and danced along enjoying the lush green surroundings. Munching the favourite snacks,sharing joys and laughter was the highlight of the memorable day spent in the company of friends and teachers.

 Day Long Trip to Aapno Ghar (22.01.2018)

A day long trip to the amusement park,  Aapno  Ghar, Gurugram was organised for the students of class I on 22.01.18.
The adventurous and joyful trip included fun-filled rides like Caterpillar, Toy Train, Flying Dish, Jet plane etc along with recreation activities like pottery. The students also enjoyed visiting the mini zoo at the venue. They were served delicious breakfast and lunch which was relished by all. The trip was an enthralling experience for all the students and brought liveliness to their  mundane school routine. The smiles on their faces showcased that they had woven yet another priceless memory.

Visit to Adventure Island (22.01.2018)

A day Long excursion to the amusement park, Adventure Island, Rohini,Delhi, was organised for the students of class II on 22.01.18. The trip which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students included a visit to the ‘Mad House’ where the students enjoyed bollywood dance performances, followed by magic show & acrobat and thrilling rides like water spash, free fall, sky ride, dashing cars etc.
They were also  served nutritious lunch at the venue which was relished by all. The excursion was a fun-filled and enthralling experience for all the students and they brought back  cherishable memories.

Excursion to Traffic Training Park (16.01.2018)


An excursion to Delhi Traffic Police Training Park at Baba Khadak Singh Marg  was organized for the students of class I on 16 January,  2018. The park developed in collaboration with   Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI), to promote road safety awareness  provided  a joyous learning opportunity for the students. They were sensitised about the importance of safety rules and apprised of different traffic rules and road signs through fun-filled activities. They were also taught the rules to be followed while riding a bicycle on road.
The students enjoyed a lot and carried home a bag full of knowledge to share with their parents and relatives. The smiles on the little faces reflected joy and pride after the enriching learning experience.

Excursion to National Bal Bhawan -Class I (1.12.17)


With an aim to provide an enthralling and fun-filled learning experience to the students, an excursion to 'The National Bal Bhawan' was organised for the student of Class I on 1.12.17.
The excursion began with the popular Mini Train ride and the students cheered joyful and enjoyed the campus tour. Beautiful cultural graffiti on the walls of the entire campus and the paintings depicting the different states of India gave the students an insight into the culture and heritage of our country.
Next they visited the traffic park situated in the campus and were briefed about do's and don'ts while driving and walking on the road with special focus on the road signs and traffic rules. The students enjoyed visiting the mini zoo & aquarium in the campus and were amazed to see different species of fishes.
The museum at Bal Bhawan housed a rich collection of paintings and crafts reflecting our glorious past along with beautiful dolls depicting various epics and tales.
It was a fun-filled educational trip which provided the students a joyful and enriching experience.

Excursion to Humayun's Tomb -Class III (30.11.17)


An excursion to Humayun’s tomb situated in heart of Delhi was organised for the students of Class III on 30.11.17. The excursion was aimed at providing an opportunity to the students to get a glimpse of our glorious past and earchitectural marvel.
Students admired the beauty and carving at the tomb which is a splendid mausoleum built in the memory of Emperor Humayun. They were also apprised of the fact that it  is one of the best preserved Mughal monuments and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. It was an enriching trip which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students and teachers alike.

Excursion to ‘Traffic Training Park' – 30.10.17


An excursion to 'Traffic Training Park' was organised for the students of Classes I A- I E on 30 October, 2017.

The primary aim of the visit was to create awareness and provide road safety training to the students along with entertainment and fun. The students learnt about various traffic signs and symbols. The importance of zebra crossing, traffic lights and pedestrian path was also highlighted. The trip was an enriching experience for the young learners and helped them to understand the need to follow the traffic rules for safety on road.

 ‘THE NATIONAL RAIL MUSEUM’ - Class I (19.09.17 & 20.09.17)


An excursion to ‘The National Rail Museum’ was organised for the students of Class I on 19. 9.17 and 20.9.17.The students were enlightened about the glorious history of Indian Railways through various exhibits in the museum which included rare railway engines, historical pictures and static/ working models of different trains. The Toy Train ride was the highlight of the excursion which was a fun-filled and enriching experience for all the students.

Excursion to Rail Museum (01.09.17, 06.09.17 & 14.09.17)


The students of Pre- School went for an excursion to the National Rail Museum, Chanakyapuri. The recently renovated outdoor and indoor exhibits were very interesting to the children. The newly set up huge working model which was indoors, on the first floor added to their excitement. The children were overjoyed with the ride on the toy train around the outdoor site, amidst various locomotives and engines of different sizes. Passing through the tunnel in a train was a new experience for them. The children got to see the whole museum and came back happily. Overall it was an enjoyable experience.

Dolls' Museum (17.08.17, 18.08.17 & 25.08.17)


Excursion to Dolls' Museum was organized for Pre-primary children. The Dolls' Museum has one of the largest collections of dolls in the world. Children were attracted towards the handcrafted dolls with beautiful jewellery  and dresses of different countries. They were fascinated by their costumes and getups. The excitement of the children after visiting the museum took them to their own fantasy world. Overall it was a wonderful experience which facilitated in enhancing the aesthetic sense of the children.

Dharamshala-Mcleodganj Trip


Travelling is not just about covering the distance in kilometres but it is about opening expanses of a distant world. The Middle Department of Bal Bharati Public School, GRH Marg organised a 4 day trip from 1 to 4 June to DHARAMSHALA-MCLEODGANJ with approximately 21 students and 2 teachers. Mcleodganj’s landscapes are the most mesmerising ones in the entire state of Himachal Pradesh. It was a delight to experience ages old BHAGSUNAG TEMPLE and carving its own ‘milky’ way the BHAGSU FALLS.  Overlooking the Dhauladhar ranges, the NAMGYAL MONASTERY, situated within the Tsuglagkhang complex, is home to the residence of Dalai Lama. The famous NORBULINGKA INSTITUTE, which is dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan culture, DAL LAKE, HPCA CRICKET STADIUM, TEA GARDEN and SUNRISE-SUNSET POINT were worth visiting. Children enjoyed the local food and the joy that the town offered. A trek of about two kilometers was also planned from Mcleodganj to Dharamkot to oil our rusted joints and embrace the serenity ST JOHN’S CHURCH IN THE WILDERNESS. Everything was planned and organised well.