Excursions & Tours

"Travelling provides knowledge and with knowledge comes understanding" – is an oft quoted saying. Trips and excursions form an essential part of our curriculum. Travel provides immeasurable opportunities to students to enhance, enrich and expand their lives. The outings are a learning experience for students and has an everlasting impact on them.

SESSION 2022-2023

SESSION 2021-2022

Class/SecDateVirtual ToursNo. Of Students
VI-VIIIMay- June 2021MP & RajasthanAll Students
IV - VMay- June 2021Red FortAll Students
IV - VMay- June 2021San Diego ZooAll Students
IV - VMay- June 2021Deep Sea DivingAll Students
IV - VMay – June 2021Exploring Mars – The Red PlanetAll Students
IV - V22.07.21Humayun’s TombAll Students
IV21.09.21The Alipore Zoo, KolkataAll Students
V21.09.21The Ajanta CavesAll Students
IV (A – H) 08.12.21Temples of MahabalipuramAll Students
V (A -H)08.12.21Ellora CavesAll Students
IV ( A- H) 03.03.22Exploring the Coral ReefAll Students
V ( A-H) 03.03.22Exploring the ArcticAll Students


On 19 November 2020 from 2h30 to 3h30, a virtual tour was organized by Frehindi Pvt Ltd, Paris for Bal Bharati Public School, GRH Marg. 

All the students of class IX and X were invited to the zoom link provided by the organizers. During the one-hour virtual tour, the students visited Lyon, an industrial French city to the south of France. This third largest city of France and the second most populated one was shown to our students with its detailed description.

During the virtual tour, the students were made to visit the administrative buildings of the city, the streets with all its Christmas decorations, supermarkets and bakeries. Students were given a glimpse of how the French live, their alimentation, etc. 

Our students were also detailed about the general services that the French government is providing to combat the Covid 19 pandemic. 

In the end, the question round was taken up wherein the students asked the organizers questions on the French city shown. 

Link to the virtual tour: https://www.facebook.com/100001508612744/posts/3586656861394566/?d=n