History of school

History of school


An account of what transpired during the journey of Bal Bharati Public School, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg, over the period 1944 to 2022, will invariably reflect the socio-political changes in the country. The school was born during turbulent times when the Indian society had many aspirations and dreams, which were suppressed due to colonial rule. Recognizing this need, the Child Education Society (CES) the Parent Body of Bal Bharati Schools established the first Bal Bharati Public School at Ganga Ram Marg, in 1944. It had the dual purpose of imparting knowledge to our future generations and preserving our rich cultural heritage.

The visionary, Lala Hansraj Gupta, the founding father of Bal Bharati Schools, was an Indian educationist, social worker, and philanthropist. He was awarded Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India for his services to society. He served as seventh Mayor of Delhi. Among the other torch bearers whom we owe a debt of gratitude to are: the Late Shri L. N. Birla; Shri K. K. Birla and Shri Charat Ram — luminaries of Delhi, and the founder members of Child Education Society in 1944. They joined hands for the noble cause of spreading the light of education.

Another noteworthy personality was Shri K B Srivastava, fondly known as ‘Dadaji’. He joined CES as Director in 1956. He was a strong advocate of the mother tongue as the medium of instruction and believed other languages should be taught only after the child is ten years old. He wanted home and school to be synonymous. He fully supported the Montessori system of teaching and even today the school boasts of one of the best pre-primary systems for our tiny tots.

Hindi, our national language, has always enjoyed its place of pride in Bal Bharati Public Schools, and was the only medium of instruction up to Class V, till the early 1980s. With the advent of technology, we saw the introduction of computers into the curriculum. Today, as we move into a data-driven, digital era, our classroom landscapes have seen a change as well, in the form of Smart Classes.  Bal Bharati’s mission is to create a collaborative culture and to integrate technology into learning so as to develop global competence in our students.

Among the most notable personalities, who helped create a unique identity for Bal Bharati schools was Mr K K Khullar. As the President of CES for more than 30 years Mr Khullar will always be remembered as a perennial source of inspiration. His keen intellect and administrative acumen have placed Bal Bharati schools among the best in the country.

The school was guided next by the progressive and inspiring vision of President CES and Chairman Bal Bharati GRH Marg, the late Mr L R Channa. Farsighted and futuristic in his approach, his strategy has accelerated innovations and improvements in all aspects of school education – be it infrastructure, teacher empowerment, sports or academic excellence. Today the reins of administration is being ably borne by Mr Nikhil Channa, President CES and Chairman BBPS GRH Marg. He is committed to preparing the next generation to thrive and compete in the new digital and hybrid age. Thus, there is much emphasis upon multidisciplinary methodology, digital literacy, written communication, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and vocational exposure.

Another stalwart who gave the school several new dimensions was the late Mr S K Bhattacharya, former Principal of Bal Bharati Public School, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg. An institution in himself he had garnered rich experience as an educationist and had a long and abiding relationship with the Child Education Society .

Presently the Principal of BBPS GRH Marg and the Joint Secretary of the Child Education Society, Mr L V Sehgal has been shouldering the herculean task of expansion and enhancement. Known for his poise, he is a pillar of strength for the team. His progressive approach has manifested itself in numerous innovations across Bal Bharati schools.

Bal Bharati Public School’s entry into the world of education is a journey that started before Independence. The 78-year journey has been long and eventful. A seed sown in 1944 and nourished by the vision of its founding fathers, has today established itself as a conglomerate of Bal Bharati institutions.

The history of the school is intrinsically one of personalities and events-the game changers and milestones. This website is a prism that reflects the various factors that contributed to this unique vision. Along the way dynamic leaders and dedicated members have added new dimensions. The socio-cultural milieu added textures and hues to the initial plans, though the ideology and USP have remained its bedrock. Spanning seven decades the enduring quality of Bal Bharati Institutions continues through time, the school elegantly demonstrating how it still is a force to reckon with today!