Vernacular Club (Session 2020-2021)


India is a country with different religions, languages and cultures but still we are one as a nation. Our country is the best example of a nation that is split into states but unified by patriotism, it is distinguished by lifestyle but oneness in culture and tradition. We have many languages, but voices are one.

To evoke the feeling of patriotism a special assembly - गीतमाला was conducted virtually on 25.1.21. The assembly started with a dance performance on a patriotic song in Malayalam. In the assembly students of class III sang regional songs depicting the diverse cultures of our country.  The participating students dressed up in colourful dresses according to the region they represented.  They presented songs in different languages such as Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Rajasthani and Punjabi.

Vernacular Club - Stay Safe!

An activity was organised under the aegis of the Vernacular Club on 24.12.20 to provide a fabric for the inculcation of good habits and moral values besides academic excellence and intellectual development. 

The students of Class III made posters in different regional languages of India on the theme ‘Spreading Awareness on Precautions to be taken for Prevention of  COVID-19. This activity helped our young learners to explore and learn to write a new language and developed a sense of responsibility towards the community in them.

Students participated enthusiastically and made beautiful posters to create awareness on the pandemic.

 जय हिन्द , जय भारत

The club activity conducted in the month of November , 2020 was aimed at spreading awareness among the masses on COVID – 19 preparedness, prevention and response. Badges with the slogan स्वयं की रक्षा , देश की सुरक्षा written in Hindi as well as in the regional languages such as Urdu, Punjabi, Malayalam and Bengali were distributed by the children in their neighbourhood. This activity not only helped the young learners to explore and learn to write a regional Indian language, but also developed a sense of responsibility towards the community.

Vernacular Club - Reflections on Folk Traditions



Vernacular Club of Primary Department - GR Campus infused an invigorating activity "Reflections on Folk Traditions" for the students of Class V in the month of February to observe International Mother Languages Day. Mother languages and folk dances are vitally conjoint sprouts of our diverse Indian civilization as they evolve over time by mutually shaping and nurturing each other. The objective of this activity was to highlight the intricate bond between our spoken mother languages and folk dances which are performed as part of various harvest festivals celebrated across the length and breadth of our country. For the students of Class IV a new activity "Ikebana of Idioms and Phrases" was conceptualised and conducted to observe World Hindi Day. Idioms and phrases add flavours and colours to speech and exemplify a rich legacy of Indian vernacular languages. The objective of this activity was to familiarise students with this legacy and enhance their linguistic skills.

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Vernacular Club - नाट्य रचना



In yet another endeavour to expose the students to Indian regional languages the Vernacular Club activity - नाट्य रचना was conducted on 19.10.20. In this activity students of class III presented a Marathi play titled चतुर तेनालीराम. The play was taken from the famous folktales of Tenalirama. It highlighted the importance of freedom in our life. The moral of the story was, ‘freedom is precious’. The play was compiled as a video and posted on Connected Classrooms. The video had subtitles in Hindi to enable the students to comprehend it easily. The activity a great learning experience for not only the participants but also the audience. 

Vernacular Club - लिपि ज्ञान 


The Vernacular Club Activity for the month of September ‘लिपि ज्ञान was conducted virtually on 15.9.20. In this activity, students had to write the name of their School in Hindi ( बाल भारती पब्लिक स्क़ूल ) and the regional language allotted to their respective sections, on an A3 sheet.  The objective of the activity was to make students aware of the scripts of different regional languages of India. The students learned to write their school name in different regional languages such as Punjabi, Bangla, Malayalam, and Urdu. They beautifully calligraphed it on A3 sheets and sent a scanned copy/ photo of the poster to their respective class teachers. Students enjoyed this activity and participated enthusiastically.

Vernacular Club - सुलेखन

The Vernacular Club activity - सुलेखन scheduled on 19.8.20. was planned to mark the launch of गंदगी मुक्त भारत, a special weeklong (8th August – 15th August) स्वच्छता campaign by DDWS (Department of drinking water and Sanitation). The students of class III expressed their ideas through paintings and sketches and wrote the slogan ‘गंदगी मुक्त भारत’ in the regional language allotted to their respective sections. The students participated with immense zeal and enthusiasm and made beautiful posters highlighting the importance of cleanliness in our lives. 

Vernacular Club - अभिवादन

The Vernacular Club activity for the month of July was aimed at exposing the students to some common phrases in different regional languages. The students learned how to introduce themselves in Gujarati, Bangla, Punjabi, Marathi, Rajasthani, Malayalam, Sindhi, and Tamil. They dressed up according to the states in which these languages are spoken and presented a special assembly on 27.7.20. They participated enthusiastically and learned about the rich and diverse culture of India.

Vernacular Club - भाषा अन्वेषण 


The first Vernacular Club Activity was held on 27.04.20. The aim of the introductory activity was to give the students a glimpse of the linguistic diversity of India and apprise them of the different vernacular languages spoken here. A video listing some interesting facts about Indian languages along with names of the different regional languages and the State where they are spoken was uploaded on the Portal. The students also attempted a follow-up worksheet.

Ethnic Melody / World of Worlds

Languages connect people and make our country unique in its diversity. With this in mind, and an endeavour to promote linguistic diversity, Vernacular Club came up with an interesting activities for students. The students of Class IV participated in an activity” Ethnic
Melody” wherein they prepared a video of themselves singing a song in any of the vernacular languages along with its summary/explanation in English language.
As a part of the activity “World of Worlds”, students of class V prepared a video of themselves speaking any of the ten words from the list provided in English along with its translation in vernacular language of their choice.

Slogan Writing Activity


The students of class IV participated in an enriching activity and wrote sentences on  ‘I Love My  Country  India’ in vernacular languages.

Students of class V, recited poems on the given topic ‘Harbinger of Happiness- Positively’ in one of the regional languages.

A ‘Slogan Writing Activity’ was organized for the classes VI to VIII. The students created slogans related to ‘Corona Virus’, ‘Saluting the frontline workers who are working 24x7 to keep us safe’ and on ‘May Day’ in different regional languages of India.

An activity named ‘Indradhanush’ was organised for the students of classes VI to VIII wherein the students created artefacts  showcasing their excellence.