Vernacular Club (2018-2019)

Vernacular Club Activity- Bhasha Darpan (26.12.18)


The activity was aimed at celebrating the cultural diversity of India and exposing  students to various Indian languages.They were introduced to some basic words and sentences in different Indian regional languages.

The students participated enthusiastically and experienced the rich linguistic culture of India. The need & importance  of respecting and learning languages other than mother tongue was also highlighted.

Vernacular Club Activity - Jeevan Mulya - 29.11.18 



The Vernacular Club Activity for the month of November- Jeevan Mulya  was conducted on 29.11.18. The activity was aimed at making  the children learn a few motivational quotes in regional languages of India and thus experience the rich linguistic culture of our country. A few inspirational quotes were chosen and the students were made to recite them first in English and then in Punjabi, Marathi , Bengali, Rajasthani and Tamil. The meaning and message behind each quote was explained. The students were motivated to memorise them and share it with their friends and family. The activity was an enthralling experience for the students who keenly participated with enthusiasm.

Vernacular Club Activity- Cultural Fiesta (26.10.18)


Vernacular Club Activity Cultural Fiesta ' was organised on 26 October, 2018. The activity gave the students yet another opportunity to explore the different regional languages of India. They  presented songs or poems in Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, Himachali, Rajasthani , Gujarati, Telugu, Sanskrit, Urdu and Bhojpuri in a special assembly. This authentic cultural experience made the students aware and proud of the fact that they live in a country with 26 official languages and 724 recorded dialects.

Vernacular Club Activity- Rangmanch (26.09.18)


The Vernacular Club Activity for the month of September- ‘Rangmanch’ was conducted on 26.9.18. Through the activity the students of Class III got an opportunity to explore the Indian regional language- Rajasthani. A group of students presented a short play in Rajasthani in a special assembly. The play depicted a story of a Rajasthani  boy who takes pride in our country’s culture and gives  his friends from Germany a traditional welcome. The participants who were dressed up in vibrant Rajasthani costumes enthralled all present with their  captivating performance.

Exploring Regional Scripts (27.8.18)


Through the activity - ‘Exploring Regional Scripts’ organised under the aegis of the Vernacular Club , the students of Class III got an opportunity to explore scripts of some  Indian languages. They learnt to write their name in different Vernacular Languages of India - Tamil , Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Urdu & Tamil and beautifully calligraphed it on A4 sheets with Tricolour border on 27.8.18. The students participated with great enthusiasm and the smiles on their faces reflected their pride and love for their country.

Vernacular Club Activity- 30.7.18


The Vernacular Club Activity organised on 30.7.18 was aimed at providing basic information about the vernacular languages spoken in India and motivate the students to appreciate the beauty of different dialects. The club activity provided an opportunity to the students to explore some of the regional languages and learn how people great in them.
In a special assembly, students wore traditional dresses of various states and greeted each other in the language spoken there. It was a very enriching and joyful experience for all.

Our Regional Languages : 03.05.18


The Vernacular Club organised the introductory activity for the session 2018-19 on 3.5.18. The club aims to familiarise and expose the students of Class III to different regional languages spoken in India.

The students were given a glimpse of the diverse linguistic culture of our country through a PPT and important regional languages spoken across the country were listed. After a brief discussion,  a  quiz was also conducted which reinforced and tested the knowledge gained by the students. The activity was an enriching experience for the students and they participated with great enthusiasm.