"Brother and sister, together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends..."- Suzie Huitt

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is a sacred Hindu festival that celebrates the bond of eternal love between brothers and sisters. The pious thread tied by the sisters on the wrist of their brothers is a reaffirmation of their mutual love and trust. The brothers in turn take a vow to protect and uphold the dignity of their beloved sisters.  This iconic festival with a glorious history date back to Hindu mythology and this tradition finds evidence even in the great Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’. 

Celebrated on the full-moon day of the month of August as per the Hindu Calendar, the festival witnesses’ markets adorned with colourful rakhis and sweets. The festival brings families together and they rejoice in the warm spirit of unending and selfless love.

We, at Bal Bharati celebrated the festival with equal zest through engaging art and craft activities wherein the students created beautiful and colourful rakhis and cards for the occasion. The significance of the festival was discussed in an enriching and interactive session between the teachers and students. A special skit, assemblies, melodious songs and enjoyable rhymes were a part of the virtual celebration.

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