Quizzing Club (2020-2021)

Weekly Quizzing Sessions

With an objective to hone the cognitive skills of its learners, the Quizzing Club of the school organizes Weekly Quizzing Sessions virtually for the students through the Google Classroom platform. A specific theme is taken every time a quiz is designed and names of the top five scorers are announced through respective class groups. The practice of being available and excitedly conscious every Friday at 5 pm has created a form of an inevitable discipline amongst the young learners. The club is reaping some outstanding rewards by exploring avenues globally.

  • Garvit Talwar (X-G) was declared as the 100% scorer by the CBSE GANGA QUEST QUIZ and has been declared the Ganga Quest Ambassador.

  • Level 2 of the V Indo-Korean Friendship Quiz was organized by the Korean Cultural Centre. Kunal Dhawan (XII-D) emerged as the finalist and received a cash prize of Rs 2000 in the third level of the quiz.