Little Crafty Hands Club(2018-2019)

Puppet Fun : 14.02.19 


In the club activity organised on 14.2.19 the students made attractive puppets using  simple craft material like strips of green pastel sheet and fork shaped red paper strips along with other material for decoration. They participated with great enthusiasm and showcased their creativity. They used the puppets to narrate and enact stories and poems.

Magic Hand - 24.1.19


The students tried their hands on Cotton Swab Painting Technique using ear buds & acrylic paints in the activity conducted on 24.1.19. Using the technique they created attractive trees with a paper cutout of their hand. The enthusiastic budding artists showcased their creativity and artistic skills which turned out into beautiful pieces of craft.

Diwali Decoration 

With Diwali round the corner, the students enthusiastically participated in the activity- Diwali Decoration, conducted on 25.10.18. They showcased their creativity and created attractive Bandhanwars  using materials like ribbons, cut outs of diyas, Ganesha, Lakshmi, candles etc.

Party Time - (Washer Necklace) 


The students tried their hands on ‘Handmade Jewellery Making' in the activity conducted on 20.9.18. They made attractive necklaces using material like thread, beads and a washer. They showcased their creativity and designing skills to make colourful party neck strings. The girls were excited to wear it themselves while the boys wanted to gift them to their mother or sister. The activity was enjoyed by all and the joy of creating a master piece was reflected in their ear to ear grins.


To aim of the craft activity conducted in 23.8.18 was to encourage the students to experiment with their own ideas and express themselves freely.
They made faces or smilies  depicting different facial expressions such as anger, surprise, happiness etc. The fun-filled activity made them smile and giggle while they created their unique masterpieces.

Cutie Dragon Flies


In the club activity conducted on 19.7.18 , the students tried their hands  on an ice-cream stick craft. They created attractive dragon flies using materials like hand shaped cut outs, ice cream stick, googly eyes etc.

The students showcased their creativity with enthusiasm and the outcome was a real treat to the eyes.

Crafty Sticks

In the club activity conducted on 19.4.18 students were introduced to a recycling craft using wooden ice cream sticks. They made colourful and attractive craft stick with ice cream sticks and other craft material.

The decorative sticks in varied colours reflected the imagination and creativity of the students were indeed a treat for the eyes.