Literary Club Activities 2019-2020



The Literary Club of the Middle Department conducted ‘See, Scan and Say’ activity on 30 July 2019 in the Junior Library. It was a unique way of bringing together its members in the spirit of the month’s cheer. The agenda of the conclave was to let the members highlight the special features of each literary work and practise oratory skills. The students enlivened the content of the selected magazines and journals innovatively during the session. The Club members were guided for the forthcoming activities by Ms. Sonia Sharma and Ms. Meenakshi Talwar. The session culminated with an oath to be resourceful and share the learning with fellow learners.




Soaked in the hues of patriotism, the Literary Club members of the Middle Department presented well-crafted skits on the theme ‘Independence Day’ in the Jr library on 13 August 2019. A grand display of dramatic craft was put up by the students of classes VI-VIII. Adorned with the tricolor, the students conveyed the message of freedom and remembered the supreme sacrifice of freedom fighters through their skits. The entire arena resonated with powerful and historic slogans re-raised by young ambassadors followed by a group photograph. The club mentors Ms. Meenakshi Talwar, Ms.Sonia Sharma, Ms. Ritu and Mr Deepak appreciated the students and motivated them for the activity of the following week. The session was indeed a step to promote harmony and practise collaborative learning.