“A man is made by his beliefs. As he believes, so he becomes.” – Lord Krishna

Janmashtami, is a sacred Hindu festival marking the birth of Lord Krishna. The festival is celebrated with religious gaiety all over the world. Many devotees observe fast on this day and offer prayers to God. The festival initially originated in Gokul, now the whole country celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna as he is the epitome of love, faith, friendship, and peace. On this auspicious day, all the Krishna temples are decorated with garlands and colourful lights and devotees throng the temples at midnight to offer their prayers to the Lord. This day signifies goodwill and the victory of good over evil. Temples and shrines are decorated with flowers and lights. People gather during the day and worship Krishna’s idol, enact plays and sing songs in his praise.  Dahi handi (a pot of curd) is also one form of celebrating the occasion which has become a festive ritual and is celebrated mainly in states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. 

 Bal Bharatians celebrated the earthly arrival of Lord Krishna with a lot of gusto and devotion through a mosaic of cultural delights that included captivating dance sequences and soulful and spiritual melodies. Engaging and colourful art and craft activities like poster making helped students express their joy on the pious occasion. The significance of the festival was discussed in enriching and interactive sessions between the teachers and students. Special theme-based assemblies, and enjoyable rhymes were a part of the virtual celebration.

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