Explore Thy Country (2019-2020)

Blissful Bihar

The club activity conducted on 30.01.20 was aimed at apprising the students about the culture of Bihar with special focus on Madhubani Art, one of the famous Indian art forms  practiced in Mithila region of Bihar.

The students were shown a video which gave them an opportunity to explore the language, festivals, traditions and cuisine of the state. In the follow up activity they tried their hand at ‘Madhubani Art’ and created their own master pieces. All the students participated enthusiastically and thoroughly enjoyed the activity

Vibrant Punjab

The students took a short culture trip to Punjab and explored it under the aegis of the club activity organised on 28.11.19.

They were shown an informative video about the heritage of Punjab. They were enlightened about the folk dance, cuisine , costumes & attires and the traditional  art form- ‘Phulkari'.
They were ecstatic and showed their talent in the follow up activity wherein they coloured and decorated the outline drawing of phulkari patterns. The students participated enthusiastically and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mesmerising Mizoram 


To celebrate the liveliness of the State of Mizoram, the students enthusiastically participated in the club activity organised on 24.10.19. They were apprised of the culture, language, festivals and cuisine of the state through a video. Thereafter they made beautiful head gears which is an important part of the traditional attire of the people of Mizoram. The children used material like ice-cream sticks, straws to make the headgears and decorated them with feathers and pompoms. The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

Rangeelo Rajasthan


The aim of the club activity organised on 26.9.19 was to enlighten the children with the culture of Rajasthan. They were captivated by the video shown to them highlighting the facts about the tradition, culture and cuisine of the state. In the follow-up craft activity they showcased their talent and creativity through handmade wall hangings using chunari print paper and other craft material . The radiant wall hangings filled the classroom with  Rajasthani fervour.

Vibrant Gujarat

The students explored the State of Gujarat in the activity organised on 29.8.19. They were briefed about the culture of the state with special focus on the ‘The Kite Festival’ which  is one of the most vibrant and multicoloured festival celebrated here every year in the month of January. Popularly known as ‘Uttarayan’, this fiesta of kites celebrates the retreat of the winter season. The follow-up craft activity in which the students decorated a kite, was a wonderful opportunity for the them to unleash their creativity and explore the extent of their imagination. Their enthusiasm was clearly evident from the beautiful and  vibrant kites made by them.

Gateway of India-Maharashtra


Under the aegis of the club -Explore thy Country, the students take a short journey to the different States of India  and explore their culture and traditions. In the activity organised on 25.7.19, they were apprised of the language, festivals and cuisine of the state of Maharashtra and  introduced to the famous Warli art form. They were also given a glimpse of Warli paintings on the Smart Board.

The students tried their hands on the art form and created their own paintings depicting  scenes of human figures engaged in activities like dancing, sowing and harvesting.

They participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Efforts made by them were appreciable and they delightfully displayed their paintings.

Dildaar Delhi 

The club -Explore thy Country endeavours to provide a platform to the students to explore and learn about the different states of India.

In the first activity of the Session-2019-20 held on 25.4.19,  the students experienced the rich cultural heritage of Delhi.  They were briefed about  the various  historical monuments of Delhi with special focus on India Gate,

the memorial built in honour of the Indian soldiers who died in war. A visit to India Gate was also organised for the students. At the memorial the students were shown the “Amar Jawaan Jyoti” (the flame of immortal soldiers) and were apprised of the significance of the flame.

The ecstatic children posed with the soldiers on duty at the monument and gleamed with pride. The visit was followed by a colouring activity in which the students coloured the line drawing of India Gate.