Astronomy Club Session 2019-2020

Middle Department

Students of classes 6-8 enthusiastically participated in the ‘Race to Space Test 2019’ sponsored by The Hindu Group on 7 November 2019. The test consisted of questions based on the Mathematics and Science.

The students of the Middle Department participated in the ‘National Astro Podcast Competition’ from 15 August to 25 September 2019. Innovative expressions using the video podcast format were uploaded on the theme ‘India in space Age by 2050’.Tejasv Sehgal (VII- A) got the 1 st prize under the category of Best Scientific Precision and 3 rd prize for the Most Revolutionary Idea category.

In Heliodyssey -2019, the sixth student’s scientific solar expedition,
Divyansh Prem of VI- C (50th rank holder) was selected to represent as an Eclipse Ambassador of India among 200 nominated students to get a fully sponsored solar eclipse expedition in Kerala. Suryam Grover VII-E (55 th Rank) and Pushkal Adlakha VIII-H (107th Rank) will get 76 mm and 50 mm reflector telescope with solar filter respectively.

16 students of Middle Department from classes VI- VIII appeared for the SPOT test conducted by Vikram Sarabhai Science Foundation on 28 November 2019 in Middle Computer Lab. The aim of the test was to determine their conceptual knowledge and understanding of Science, across disciplines.

A Theory session for Astronomy Club Module 2 was conducted on 27
November 2019 in Senior Computer Lab followed by the practical session in ground. The session was based on the Jantar Mantar observatory in New Delhi wherein the students were explained about the primary purpose of the observatory.

Primary Department , GR

The Astronomy Club in association with SPACE India organized a workshop for the Club Members of class IV and V on 30 October 2019. The resource person, Ms.Pooja commenced the workshop with Class IV students where they learnt about the phases of moon and they also understood the geometrical position of Sun, Earth and Moon.

The students of class V learnt about all the missions that were sent to Mars so far, they also got to know about different types of space vehicles namely Flyby, Orbiter, Lander, and Rover. Then students were taken to an open area where they mimicked the functions of a Rover via specially designed game.

Students were given a handout and a take home kit of a board game.

The Astronomy Club of Primary Department, GR Unit organised an introductory session for the students of Class – IV and V in association with SPACE India on 30th July,2019. In this session students were given a glimpse of the forthcoming activities of Astronomy Club by the resource person, Ms Sakshi who had a lively interaction with the kids where few of them were awarded with solar viewer goggles upon giving right answers. Children showed quite a lot of enthusiasm and were interested to join the Club.