ACCP 2024 Class V


THEME – Bharat ki Kahani Bacchon ki Zubani: Carrying Forward India’s Rich Legacy

In the spirit of unity and celebration, young performers of class V presented an astounding Annual Cultural Class Presentation embracing the theme “Carrying Forward India’s Rich Legacy,” on December 7,2023 ,delving into Indian roots- our rich past,progression and current dominance owing to  its self- ependence,positivity and remarkable evolution to the present day.

The programme commenced with lighting of the ceremonial lamp to symbolize the beginning of the cultural journey followed by a formal welcome of the esteemed guests for the day and Principal Sir’s motivating address. The school choir presented the prayer and the school song. A spectacular yoga performance showed a glimpse of early Gurukul lifestyle which was the perfect blend of yoga and spiritual harmony was enjoyed the most.

The talented class V students took everyone on a mesmerizing journey, weaving through time from the ancient Vedic Period to the dynamic pulse of Modern India. Musical renditions by the school choir showcased the diversity of India and instilled  everyone with a feeling of patriotism. Our brilliant dancers performed on  a Sufi song, ‘Vande Matram’ and Tagore’s Mind Without Fear leaving everyone mesmerized. The program also reinforced a connection to the nation’s identity and unity. Engaging role plays were also a part of this inspiring act, Significant historical events and personalities were depicted through our expressive students and awe inspiring narration connecting historical milestones to the cultural evolution of India.

The entire event was an enriching and informative portrayal of India’s rich legacy that motivated our students to carry forward the same with equal gusto.