Numero Mania Club(2019-2020)

My School Planner



The aim of the club activity – My School Planner organised on 30.01.20 was to make the students more organised and understand the importance of a schedule or planner. Through the activity they got an opportunity to plan and make their own weekly  Class Time-table which reflected all the main subjects along with the other co-curricular activities like Art, Dance, Music etc.

Tessellations Patterns

The club activity - Tessellation Patterns organised on 28.11.19,  gave the students an opportunity to explore  tessellation and make their own patterns using different polygons.
The session began with the teacher explaining the students the meaning of a tessellation pattern and a polygon, there after showing different examples of tessellation patterns using different kinds of shapes.
They were explained how different polygons can be arranged on a sheet to form a tessellation. They created their own  tessellation patterns using the different colorful polygon shapes. They enjoyed and participated with enthusiasm.
The activity enabled the students to showcase their mathematical knowledge and creativity on one platform. It also enhanced their logical reasoning which they showcased while placing different shapes in the correct order to form a tessellation.

Cash Memo


The activity - Cash Memo conducted on 24.10.19 was aimed at apprising  the students of the relevance of money in our daily life. They got an opportunity to make their own cash memo and learnt how  the concept of addition and multiplication is applied in day-to-day life.
A market scene was created  in which different objects with a price tag were displayed. The children chose and picked up a few objects and generated a cash memo for the purchased items.
Prior to the activity a sample of cash memo was shown to students on the smart board. They were explained about the  different columns and their relevance in detail. They were guided to make four columns- particulars (list of items), quantity, rate and amount. They used their knowledge of the concept of multiplication and addition to calculate the total amount to be paid. All the children displayed their Cash Receipt or Cash Memo with pride.

My Board Game 


The Club activity - My Board Game organised on 26.9.19 gave the students an opportunity to make their own board game with a twist . The session began with the club master explaining the students how a board game works with the help of different examples like snakes & adders and Ludo etc. The students designed their own Board Game and used mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and skip counting as instructions for their board game. They enjoyed and participated in the activity with enthusiasm.

Pizza Time (Fractions) 


The Club Activity- Pizza Time  organised on 29.8.19 was aimed at exposing the students to the concept of fractions and to help them  use it  in their daily life.

The activity commenced with an introductory video related to fractions. In the hands-on follow-up activity, the students marked & divided pizza cutouts to represent different fractions. They understood the concept in a fun way and thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Fun with Shapes 


The Club Activity - Fun with Shapes conducted  on 25.7.19 was aimed at teaching 2D and 3D shapes to the students in a fun manner to enhance their understanding and  create an everlasting learning experience.

In the hands-on activity, the students made 2D shapes by pasting toothpicks on an A4 sheet and 3D shapes using modelling clay.

Through the activity they understood the basic difference between two dimensional and three dimensional shapes. They were encouraged to explore the world of shapes and tried making different 3D shapes using clay. The children had fun and thoroughly enjoyed the activity.