Numero Mania Club (2017-2018)

My Own Calendar


In the activity conducted on 25.1.18 the students explored the concept of Time and Calendar. After a brief interaction about the calendar the students made a calendar of their birth month on A4 sheet and creatively decorated it. They highlighted their birth date in it along with other important s days. The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.

Number Frolic- Number Combinations

In the activity held on 21.12.17 the students explored different number patterns. The concept was introduced through  Tata Class Edge Modules and the students were guided to form number patterns and represent them using colourful stickers and cutouts. The students enjoyed showcasing their creativity while representing various patterns.

Data Probe

In the activity organised on 23.11.17 the students learnt and explored the concept of collection and representation of data. Ice cream sticks of different colours and stationery etc were used for a hand-on experience wherein the students exchanged the ice-cream sticks with their partner and then represented the information- such total number of red or green sticks etc. through a pictograph.



In the activity – ‘Monopoly’ organised on 27.10.17 the students explored the concept of ‘Money’ through a hands-on shopping fun activity. The students posed as buyers and shopkeepers and used game money to carry out transactions. The activity was a very enriching experience for all the students and they enthusiastically participated in it.

Weighty Affairs


In the activity held on 21.09.17, the students made a weighing balance using material like plastic bowls , scale and strings etc. under the supervision of the teacher .They used them to weigh different objects like seeds, buttons and explored the concept of heavy and light. The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.

My Board Game 

The students were engaged in a fun-filled activity based on geometrical shapes and symmetry. They made their own Board Game – Chess, using a cartridge sheet and colours. The basic rules and method of playing the game were also discussed.

Fun with Shapes


The students created patterns using different shapes and figures on a pair of Ice cream sticks (half on each) which when joined together made a complete pattern.

Fun with Abacus


The students made an abacus using cardboard box, thermocol, sticks etc to explore the concept of place value and represent different numbers on it.