Me The Bookie Club (2017-2018)

‘Tiger in the House’ by Ruskin Bond



The story 'Tiger in the house ' by Ruskin Bond was narrated as well as shown on the smart board in the activity conducted on 25.1.18. The children enjoyed the story session after which they were given a brief about the author-Ruskin Bond and his famous books. A quiz related to the story was also held. As a follow up activity the students made attractive folders with pictures and information about Ruskin Bond.

'The Report Card’ by M.S.Madhavan


In the activity held on 21.12.17 the students explored and learnt about the Indian author M.S.Madhavan. During the Story Telling Session conducted by the club masters the story 'The report card' by M.S.Madhavan was read and narrated. A quiz based on the story was also conducted.
The follow up activity was - 'Share a Story' wherein the children shared a story with the rest of the class.

‘The First Flight’ by Manoj T.Thomas



In the club activity held on 23.11.17 the story ' The first flight ' written by Manoj .T.Thomas narrated by the teacher followed by loud reading by the students. The story was humorous and the children enjoyed reading it. After the story session ,the review of the story was written by the children with the help of clue words and hints given by the teacher.

Exploring the author – ‘Anushka Ravishankar’


The students explored the  popular children’s books author of India ‘Anushka Ravishankar’ in the activity held on 27.10.17. They were briefed about the author’s famous books, Catch That Crocodile and Excuse Me! Is this India?

As a follow up activity the students pasted pictures and wrote information about the author on A4 size pastel sheet and made attractive table mats.

‘Home at Last’ by Renuka Vishwanatha


The story ‘Home at Last’ by Renuka Vishwanatha was narrated by the teacher followed by loud reading by the students in the activity held on 21.09.17. The story describes the identity crisis faced by a young Indian girl living in America and how she takes pride in the Indian culture after her first visit to India. New words, their meanings and usage was highlighted. As a follow up activity the students made attractive pencils pops using paper cutouts and other decorative material.

‘Birds of Different Feathers’ by Tithi  Tavara


The  short story 'Birds of Different Feathers’  written by Tithi  Tavara was narrated by the teacher , followed by loud reading by the students. The message in the story  that – ‘Each individual in this world is important and holds a special place’ was highlighted. The students picked out adjectives from the story and beautifully wrote them on colourful strips of paper.
The follow up craft activity included making a paper bag using an old newspaper and decorating it with the colourful strips to give it an attractive look.

Fairy Tale


The fairy tale- Heidi was shown to the students on Tata Class Edge .The students retold the story shown in their own words in turns.

Panchatantra Story –‘The Woodcutter’s Axe’


Story from Panchatantra was narrated to the students with the help of a video followed by a small questionnaire & discussion. The students listed new words and their meanings from the story read.