Little Crafty Hands Club 2020-2021

Badges of Love & Unity

In yet endeavor to engage the children into a creative activity to help them showcase their creativity & enhance their fine motor skills, the club activity - Badges of Love & Unity was organised on 28.1.21 The purpose of this activity was also to celebrate the spirit of Republic Day with the underprivileged. The students were taught how to make tri-colour badges and were motivated to share them with the community helpers like the guards, police officers etc.

 Christmas Socks 


Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity for helping others and spreading the message of love and kindness. It is as much about giving as it is about receiving. This year, on 24.12.20, the students got an opportunity to make Christmas Socks filled with stationery & other school essentials and donate it to the less fortunate and needy children. These beautiful Christmas socks were made using a coloured A4 size sheet, circular cotton pads and glue. This was a great initiative to bring smiles on the less fortunate children.


Fabric Masks

The Club activity conducted on 26.11.2020 was not just limited to craft but was aimed at bringing a positive change in the society. Children made fabric masks and distributed them to the underprivileged and healthcare workers. They decorated the masks with initials and patches to make them beautiful and attractive.


Kitty Craft 


In the club activity organized on 29.10.20, the student got an opportunity to showcase their creativity and enhance their artistic skills. The aim of this activity was to teach the students an innovative way of using ice-cream sticks. The students watched the tutorial posted and enjoyed making their own beautiful kitty.


Mini Notebook 

The students got an opportunity to explore a world, where they can bring imagination into reality. They learnt to make a mini notebook through a video tutorial which illustrated the steps for crafting the same. The aim of the activity was to indulge each child in creating something productive and to help them enhance their fine motor skills.


Bunny Bookmarks  

In the club activity organized on 27.8.20, the students got yet another opportunity to showcase their imagination and creativity. The children were apprised of the purpose of a bookmark and explained how it can help in keeping track of a reader's progress in a book and allow the reader to easily return to where the previous reading session ended.  A video tutorial that mentioned the material required for the activity and along with step by step demonstration of the craft activity was shared with students. They explored the paper folding technique – Origami and made beautiful corner bunny bookmarks.


 Craft Sticks  

The Virtual Club Activity – Craft Sticks organised on 30.7.20 helped the students enhance their creativity and taught them a fun technique to create beautiful pieces of art and craft. A video tutorial explaining the step-by-step procedure was posted on the Connected Classrooms portal. The children created mini crocodiles using ice-cream sticks and other craft materials.


 Paper Folding Dolls 

The students explored Japanese Origami Art through the activity. Through a descriptive step-by-step tutorial, they were taught how to make beautiful dolls using the paper folding technique with the help of origami sheets and sticks. The children got an opportunity to showcase their creativity and participated with enthusiasm & vigour.