Hamari Bagiya Club (2017-2018)

Leafy Prints


The club activity conducted on 25.1.18 commenced with a PPT screening through which the students were made aware of different types of leaves and their uses.

As a follow up activity they tried their hand on leaf printing using water colours and leaves of different shapes and sizes. They created beautiful greeting cards with colourful leafy designs and patterns.

Herbaceous Exploration

The activity organised on 21.12.17 was initiated with a brief discussion on different types of herbs used in day to day cooking and how herbs are an integral part of our food. The club masters identified and listed some common herbs found in our kitchens through an interactive discussion with the students. The students keenly participated in the discussion.
In the follow up activity - 'Healthy Platter', the students made a healthy salad using different ingredients like chopped vegetables & fruits, sprouts, corn etc and seasoned it with herbs like oregano, basil, mint and parsley. The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students who participated enthusiastically and creatively presented their salad platter.

My Bird Feeder


The aim of the activity organised on 23.11.17 was to bring the children closer to nature. They worked in groups under the supervision of the teacher and made their own bird feeders using material like cardboard roll, honey and grains like bajra, rice etc. The bird feeders made by the students were hanged in open and attracted squirrels and birds. It was a delightful experience for all the students to see the birds feeding on them.

Floral Patterns


The activity organised on 27.10.17 focused on the different types of flowers. The students were shown a PPT highlighting the uses of different flowers in our           day-to-day life. The discussion was followed by a ‘Rangoli Making Activity’ wherein the students showcased their creative skills and  made attractive rangoli on A3 size pastel sheet using petals of different flowers and glue stick.

Fun with Veggies


In the activity held on 21.09.17, the students tried their hands on 'Vegetable Printing’ using vegetables like ladyfinger, bitter gourd etc. They used water colours and made beautiful greeting cards using vegetable printing technique.

Jazzing up the School Garden - Placard Making Activity


The activity began with an interactive session on the importance of plants in our lives. The students made attractive placards with slogans highlighting the need and importance of trees for saving Mother Earth. The placards will be used to decorate and beautify the school garden.

My Planter


The students worked in groups under the supervision of the club masters and decorated painted old pot, soda cans and used plastic bottles to make a planter.

Earth Day Celebration


The students explored the variety of plants in the school garden area through a nature walk and participated in a plantation drive .They also made posters with a pledge to save and protect the Earth.