Explore Thy Country (2017-2018)

God’s own country-Kerala


The students explored the state Kerala through various videos shown on the smart class in the club activity organised on 25.1.18. They were enthusiastic and inquisitive about the southern Indian state and were apprised of the customs, traditions, cuisine, costume etc related to the state. They also tried their hands on Kerela's traditional art and made rangoli designs using a big paper plate, fevicol and flowers & petals of different colours. Some of the students skilfully made floor rangoli also which were a real treat to the eyes.

Heart of India- Delhi


In the activity held on 21.12.17 the students were enlightened about the cultural heritage of Delhi. A video highlighting the tourist places of Delhi was shown to them . The historical facts related to these monuments were discussed in brief. Interesting features and facts about the tallest minaret of India - Qutub Minar were highlighted.
The students made a model of Qutub Minar with paper cups. The activity was an enriching experience for them and they felt proud of the rich heritage of Delhi.

Rangeela Gujarat 


In the activity ‘Rangeela Gujarat’ conducted on 23.11.17 the students explored the rich heritage and culture of Gujarat through different videos. They got an opportunity to experience the vibrant state and appreciate its uniqueness in terms of its food, art, attire, festivals, language and dance form. They made colourful bandhanwar using material like pastel sheets, ribbons, mirrors and other colourful decorative material.

Amazing Assam


The students learnt about the State of Assam and explored the cuisine , festivals, places of tourist interest, dance form etc. related to the State in the activity organised on 27.10.17.

As a follow up activity the popular craft from Assam ,paper mache was demonstrated by the teacher . The students made attractive 3D models of Sun with the material like  ball, paper, glue, colours etc. using the technique of paper mache.

Beautiful West Bengal


The students were shown a PPT highlighting different places of tourist interest, cuisine, costumes, festivals & culture of West Bengal in the activity held on 21.09.17. They coloured and decorated paper masks of ‘Goddess Durga’ and were apprised of the customs and traditions related to the festival ‘Durga Puja’.

Incredible Rajasthan

The students were shown a PPT and were exposed to the places of tourist attraction, festivals, customs and traditions, food delicacies, and crafts of Rajasthan. They decorated pots and diyas using decorative material like mirrors, ribbons etc.  to give them a traditional Rajasthani look.

Gateway of India-Maharashtra

The students were shown an informative PPT on Maharashtra which gave them an insight into the major cities, places of tourist attraction & culture and heritage of the state.They prepared sevpuri with the help of the teacher.

Vibrant Punjab

The students explored the state of Punjab through a PPT which gave them an insight to places of tourist interest, dance forms, flora & fauna of Punjab. The students made a food platter pasting pictures of food items from Punjab- makki ki roti, sarson ka saag, chole-bhature etc on a paper/ thermocol plate.