Care-a-Thon: An Inter School Event

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“What this world needs is a new kind of army – the army of the kind.”

Cleveland Amory.

We, at Bal Bharati Public School GRH Marg firmly believe that true education is the training of both, the head and the heart. Providing opportunities to students to experience situations and concepts that help them develop values and skills that shall stand the test of time and make them a truly global human being and not just a citizen of the world. In our endeavour to expose children to concepts outside the realms of the defined education curriculum and to arouse a feeling of love, kindness and compassion, the Care-a-Thon this year is one such opportunity that will allow students of classes I - V to participate in activities that will help develop these values.

Care-a-Thon is an honest attempt to put forth activities that shall focus on developing compassionate and kind individuals. To propagate Kindness amongst children, the United Nations has decided to pass a resolution in the General Assembly in November 2021 to celebrate ‘International Kindness Day’. Our event too aims at helping students understand that kindness is the key to live a happy and contented life as against life spent in pursuit of acquiring materialistic possessions. We hope this event will create broader perspectives and provide real-world skills/values to all the participants.