Budding Scientists Club (2017-2018)

Making a Magnetic Fishing Game


In the hands-on activity organised on 25.1.18 the students explored the principle of magnetism and created their own magnetic game. They first made a fishing rod with the help of a stick & a string and attached a magnet at the end of the string. They made fishes using colourful paper and placed a metal paper clip inside the fish. The students cheered with joy each time the magnetic rod attracted a fish. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity and recorded their observation on A4 sheet.

Rain in Jar


In the activity organised on 21.12.17 the students explored the the concepts of evaporation and condensation. The phenomenon of evaporation and condensation was explained through a  live experiment by the club masters.  The students enjoyed the activity and joyfully cheered when they saw water droplets falling down in the jar.
A video was also shown to students to reinforce the scientific principle . The children recorded their observations on A4  sheet.

Light and Shadow Experiment

The students explored the concept of Light & Shadow in the activity conducted on 23.11.17. To introduce the concept they were shown a video to explain why shadows are formed. They were then taken out in open area where they observed how a shadow is formed when light is obstructed and they saw their own shadows. This was followed by a fun-filled activity in which the students used a torch and other objects make shadows.

Making invisible ink


A fun-filled experiment was conducted by the students on 27.10.17. They made invisible ink using lemon juice and water. They used the ink to write a secret message on a blank paper and read the same in the light of a torch. The students found the experience magical. The reason behind the occurrence was explained and the oxidation property of lemon juice was highlighted.


Making a Rocket with Paper and Straw


The students made their own paper rocket using straws, paper cone & tape in the activity held on 21.09.17. The procedure of the same was demonstrated through a video, followed by live a demonstration by the teacher. The students enjoyed launching their rockets into the air by blowing at the open end of the straw.

Experiment - Does an Orange Float or Sink?


A fun-filled science experiment on density was done by the students in which they observed that an orange floats on the surface of water, but when the rind of the orange  is removed, it sinks in water. The scientific principle behind the occurrence was discussed and explained to the students.


Balloon Rocket Experiment


The students explored the working of a Rocket with the help of a simple experiment using materials like straw, balloon, string and cello tape. They tried their hands on the experiment after demonstration by the teacher.


Making of Rainbow Paper


The students made rainbow paper using nail enamel and paper. The rainbow paper made by the students reflected the rainbow colours when put under the sun.