Astronomy Club (Session 2020-2021)

 Astronomy session on Jantar Mantar Observatory Instruments

‘When we decide to achieve something, nothing can stop us.’

Amidst the hue and cry circling around the pandemic, an opportunity was given to the students wherein they got a chance to experience the Jantar Mantar Observatory instruments. They took part in a virtual session on 15 November, organized nationwide for the students of classes IV- VIII. During the session, the scientific techniques and the uses and relevance behind the instruments were discussed. The students were enthralled to learn about these instruments that are used in the field of astronomy. Following students from class VI attended the session:

1. Aarav Parashar 6-C
2. Nimisha Aggarwal 6-A
3. Jaya Gupta 6-A
4. Parth Gaba 6-A
5. Samricha Chawla 6-H
6. Vanshika 6-E

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In collaboration with SPACE, the Astronomy Club conducted numerous activities namely: Capturing the Supermoon, Yuri’s Night, Aryabhatta GAM QUIZ, Astro Art & Astro Poetry, Earth Day, Star Party, International Dark Sky Week and Alien from My Wardrobe.

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