Astronomy Club (2018-2019)


Sr. No.Date Class Activity I Session - Finding Cardinal Directions using shadow cast by gnmon.
Module II Session - Construction and use of barn door tracker for tracking of astronomical objects.
227.11.18IVWorkshop -  Astronaut-Can you be one of them?
VWorkshop- Mission to Mars
328.11.18VI-IX3rd National School Debate Competition was hosted by our school in association with SPACE on the topic –‘Do you think that space explorations are worth the cost?’ 27 schools from Delhi  NCR participated in  the event judged by Retd. Major General Pramod Sehgal and Ms Geeta, Professor DU. Our School Principal, Vice Principal and Chief Coordinator were felicitated by the SPACE during the event.
429.11.18VI-VIIIModule I Session -  Sun: Our daytime star & Solar Observation: Safe Viewing Techniques.
 Module II Session - ‘Introduction to   Image Processing & images             stacking Techniques’.
530.11.18IVWorkshop -  Terra Magneta-Magnetism of Earth
VWorkshop- Rocket Science is Fun
630.11.18VI-IXNational Astronomy Challenge 18 students appeared in an hour long written contest hosted by NAC. Results will be declared later.






74.12.18IVWorkshop -  Space Café: Astronauts’ need to stay healthy in space
VActivity based Workshop- Space Agents: Identifying cosmic objects
828.11.18V-IXResults for Astropodcast competition organised by SPACE in the  month of September were declared, Chetna Sabarwal (V E) in  Category 1 (class I – V ) was declared First in two segments Most   Popular and Most creative Category.

·Yatika Sehgal (IX C) in category 3 (class IX - XII) was declared   Second in Most Creative Segment.


95.12.18V-IXResults for Astropodcast competition organised by SPACE in the month of   September were declared,

  • Chetna Sabarwal of class V in Category 1 (class I – V ) was declared First in two segments Most Popular and Most creative Category.
  • Yatika Sehgal of IX C in category 3 (class IX - XII) was declared Second in Most Creative Segment.