Activities Montessori Department (2021-2022)


Kids are born researchers and are always full of curiosity to explore their surroundings. An important effort was made by the facilitators of Montessori department to motivate our little scientists. Keeping all the properties of ‘Air’ in mind, children of Pre School & Pre Primary participated and performed experiments including the following conducted with the help of balloons. These experiments covered the following scientific facts: 

  • Air is everywhere
  • Air can’t be seen but can be felt
  • Air occupies space
  • Air can move things

Overall, these experiments and the experiences gathered turned out to be extremely insightful & were appreciated by the parents also. Children expressed their interest to learn and experience more such scientific concepts in the days to come.


A speaking activity of “SHOW & TELL” was organised for the children of Pre-School on 28.02.22, wherein our tiny tots showed their favourite toy/ fruit/ vegetable of their choice. They enthusiastically spoke their lines and it was delightful listening to them describing their favourite object. The activity helped our little learners in furthering their confidence, vocabulary and eloquence. The inspiring presentation left no stone unturned to achieve a realistic appraisal of their skills and to discover the power of spoken words. It was a wonderful and fun filled experience for all the children. 


Spring is the season of fragrance, beauty, fresh leaves and flowers. To enjoy the fresh blooms, a virtual excursion was planned for the students of Pre School on 25.02.22 to Miracle Garden, Dubai . Children were virtually shown the world’s largest flower garden which displays 50 million flowers and 120 varieties of flowers. They were also shown many floral themes and the floral theme of Emirates A380 at the garden which made it to the Guinness book of world record. The children were engrossed watching the beauty of the garden and enjoyed the virtual tour. A snack break was also planned to lend a more realistic feel of enjoying the excursion.


To explain the importance of plants and trees to our tiny tots, a speaking activity was held on 23.02.22 for Pre School and on 25.02.22 for Pre Primary children. All of them participated enthusiastically and explained about the germination process, uses of plants & various parts of plants etc. The activity helped in enhancing their speaking skills and gaining confidence.


A fun-filled experiment day- ‘Growing Plants’ was organized on 18.02.22 for Pre School children. They were explained the entire process of evolution of a sapling from a seed into a plant and eventually growing to become a tree. The children enjoyed this activity and after planting the seeds, they also learnt the importance of taking care of them. 


A Virtual Excursion to Farm was organised for the children of Pre Primary on 17.02.2022. The children were extremely excited for the virtual excursion. A short video on the Bakery was shown to the kids in which they experienced the baking of cookies and breads. Children were made familiar with the tools used like bakery brush, dough, rolling pin, mixing bowls etc. The new vocabulary words enhanced their language skills. It was delightful to see the process of making yummy breads, croissants, chocolate rolls and many more. They enjoyed watching how they prepared delicious bakery items. Children relished their snacks during the excursion. Overall it was a spectacular experience for kids.


The students of the Montessori Department were given a warm welcome to the school after the COVID- 19 unlock w.e.f 14.02.22. With all the necessary precautions and safety measures children came to the school after their adaptation period which was held in October ’21. The administration and teachers worked unitedly to make the students comfortable and adapt to the school environment. They were also sensitized towards sanitizing their hands, maintaining proper social distancing, no sharing of their food or belongings etc. There were numerous activities that were planned for them in the school premises which they thoroughly enjoyed.


A Sports Activity ‘Plant Seeds’ was organized for the children of Pre-school on 11.02.22 virtually. The children were expected to walk on a path made with decorative tape on the floor. As they heard the music, they started walking towards the middle point where a seed bowl was kept. They picked up the seed bowl and reached the end point and sowed the seeds with the help of spade and water. This activity helped them in enhancing their gross muscles, fine muscles and improved their attention span. It also helped them to improve their concentration span and bring them closer to nature.

RHYME TIME 07.02.22

Rhymes are an integral part of a child’s education as they help to learn a language & also enhance the musical aesthetic sense of the children. With this thought in mind, a Rhyme Time activity was conducted virtually for Pre School & Pre Primary children on 07.02.2022. Children were encouraged to speak any rhyme in English to enhance their speaking skills. The emphasis was laid on memory, voice modulation, pronunciation, and expressions. Our tiny tots confidently expressed themselves and recited rhymes using various props, puppets, background, etc.  The main aim of this activity was to boost the confidence of the children. It was enjoyed by one and all.


A Sports Activity “Collecting things in a bag” was organized for Pre Primary children on 13.01.2022 through virtual medium. The children were encouraged to walk in a straight line wearing and holding any (organic/jute) bag. Things like toys, balls, tumblers etc. were kept on the line and children were encouraged to collect the things already kept on the track. The objectives of this activity were

  • Gross and fine muscles are strengthened.
  • Body posture is maintained and improved.
  • Balancing of the body is maintained.


A community needs many people to help it to function well and make the world a better place to live. Educating students about the community helpers and the kind of roles they play in our daily lives, is highly important. To appreciate their work and express our gratitude towards our community helpers, a virtual fun activity of role play on community helpers was organized on 24.01.22 for pre – school and pre- primary children. They came dressed up as different helpers like doctors, plumbers, soldiers etc. All the children spoke 7-8 lines on the character they depicted. The students performed role plays with deep interest which could be seen in their initiative of proper dressing, and use of props and creation of helper tools. This activity helped them to develop self-confidence and respect for the people who make our lives easy with their vast services. Moreover, this activity gave them an opportunity to understand the world around them.


To bow to the struggles and sacrifices of our soldiers, to pay gratitude to our Indian warriors who selflessly work for the prosperity of our nation and to celebrate 73rd Republic Day of India, a virtual morning assembly programme was organised in the Montessori department for the children of Pre School and Pre- Primary on 20.01.2022. The programme aimed to motivate the children to love and respect their country and imbibe the feeling of patriotism in them. All the children performed with great enthusiasm and showed their love for the nation in the form of rhymes and songs, dance performances, speaking lines on republic day and enacting as a freedom fighter etc. The celebration ended with the message to live in peace and harmony and our tiny tots tapped their feet on a patriotic song.


To inculcate the sense of unity among the children, a virtual Fun Activity was organized for Pre- School and Pre- Primary children on 31.01.22. The teacher briefly explained to them about Mother India and its diversity. All the children came dress up representing the selected state by them and were encouraged to speak a few lines related to its people, language, food, festival etc.

They also enjoyed tapping on the music related to that particular state. The essence of the activity was to help students value the rich heritage that India has and to value Unity. The little ones took part with enthusiasm and zeal and with true national spirit.


A collage is an easy, interesting and creative way to display a collection of photos on a theme. Children made beautiful family tree/family home collage by pasting pictures of their family members and decorated them using their creativity. They were also encouraged to associate the pictures pasted with their family members and speak a line about them.


To welcome the New Year 2022 with fun, delight and all the things joyful for our tiny tots of Montessori Department, a New Year Greeting Card Making Activity was organised on 28.12.21. Children creatively expressed their wishes for their loved ones in varied colours and designs.


Soaking in the spirit of Christmas, little ones of the Montessori Department virtually celebrated the festival with great zeal and enthusiasm on 21.12.21. The online class wore a festive look with a Christmas tree, lights, bells, stars, snowflakes, streamers and so on. The tiny tots were dressed up in red and white. They exhibited their talent by singing Christmas carols, songs, poems and enthralling dance performances. To sum up the celebration, the children enjoyed their virtual snacks class party while tapping their feet on peppy music. 


An online Story Narration Activity was organized for the students of Pre-School on 13.12.21. The budding artists exhibited brilliant performances with vivid narrations. They were well equipped with various backgrounds, props and hand puppets. As a learning outcome this activity encouraged the students to be more expressive, thoughtful and confident. It fostered their ability to be more skilful using correct vocabulary, correct expression and pronunciation. Overall, this activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.


A virtual excursion to Rail Museum was planned on 29.11.21. The little ones were deeply engrossed and excited to watch various train models. A snack break was also planned to lend a more realistic feel of enjoying the tour. The children looked delighted and thoroughly enjoyed the excursion.


A Virtual Excursion to Farm was scheduled for class Pre- Primary on 25.11.2021. The children were extremely excited for the virtual excursion. It was delightful to see the life cycle of plants, sowing seed till growing of a fruit or vegetable. Children enjoyed watching cute Farm animals like – Goat, Sheep, hen and Cows and many more. It was lovely to see how they take care of farm animals by providing them food and shelter. For making excursion more interesting, children coloured the worksheet on Farm and relished their snacks.  Overall, it was a spectacular experience for kids.


Gurpurab, the 552th birth anniversary of first Sikh guru was celebrated virtually on 16.11.21 by both Pre-Primary and Pre-School children. The celebration started with a mool mantra- EK ONKAR after which the students delivered speeches, shabads and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The significance of this festival was depicted by a short video in which children came to know about the holy book of Sikhs- GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI, Processions/ Early morning Prabhat Pheries, Kada Prasad, and Langar Prasad. To sum up our students emphasised on the overall message of spreading peace, equality, righteousness and follow the right path.


Cartoons are inevitable part of every child's life and help to increase the child's imagination and creativity in fun and an interactive way. To give vent to their creativity, a Fun Activity of cartoon drawing and colouring use organised for children of Montessori department. Both Pre- School and Pre- Primary children actively participated and made beautiful cartoons using their creativity.


Children’s day was celebrated virtually on 09.11.21 in the Montessori Department. The tiny tots were dressed up in a party attire and were full of enthusiasm and excitement. An activity of “Show your Talent” was organized in which children performed dance, songs or played instruments. Some children also showcased their talent with their parents/siblings, followed by expressing their views on children’s day dressed up as Chacha Nehru. Children of Pre- Primary made colourful eye masks and Pre- School children did paper tearing and pasting in the rose as an extended activity. The celebration concluded with a virtual party and a dance on the song ‘Itni si khushi’. The happiness on the students faces was more than evident during the virtual celebration.


Diwali, the pious occasion and a festival rejoicing victory of good over evil was celebrated virtually on 01.11.21 by both Pre-Primary and Pre-School coming together with great zeal. The tiny tots dressed up in traditional attires, their mesmerizing performance while reciting poems, speeches and colourful craft work performed were some of the main attractions of the day. To sum up, our students emphasized the overall message of spreading peace, equality, and righteousness and took a pledge to celebrate this festival in a safe & pollution free manner every year.

ADAPTATION PERIOD 25.10.21 to 29.10.21

Adaptation day is a great way to experience a brief but engaging session at school. Children of Pre- School & Pre- Primary enjoyed their Adaptation period in school from 25.10.21 to 29.10.21. This programme gave them a glimpse of what a school is. With all the necessary precautions and safety measures children came to the school for the first time. Parents dropped their kids and were guided to pick up at the scheduled time. The following activities were conducted in the school premises which were thoroughly enjoyed by all of them.

Welcoming the children by the Class Teacher
Prayer: Gayatri Mantra
Gel Well Time: Making the children familiar with other kids.
Circle Time: Children dramatized the rhymes with the Class Teacher and had fun following the steps. A rhythmic introduction to the day.

Puppet Show: The next activity was the Puppet Show- The children were taken for the Puppet show where they met their jungle Friends and thoroughly enjoyed the interesting stories.

Children were taken to the classroom where they were given sanitizers before the water break.

Magic Show: The children were then taken for the Magic Show. They really liked the cute and funny acts of the magician.
Apart from these, children had fun in the gym room and thoroughly enjoyed the dance session and walking on the patterns. Our tiny Tots were carried away with music and were overwhelmed by looking at the props and the selfie corner.
The day ended by giving them Goodie bags and two take away gifts-Picnic bags and a stationery kit. The children were happy to take the gifts from the school. It was an amazing experience to see the lovely smiling face. Parents appreciated the program.   


An Inter School Creative Skills Competition -SPLENDOUR 2021 was organised in the month of September 2021 by the Montessori Department under the guidance of the Headmistress Ms. Neelam Ahuja. Online invites were sent to over 100 schools Pan India out of which 46 schools Pan India participated on the digital platform. The event was held for 4 categories-Costume Fiesta (Fancy dress) for Pre School students and Ad-O-Mania (Advertisement), Crafty Hands (Play dough modelling), Hasya ki Phuhar (Hindi Recitation) for Pre-Primary students. The participating schools after registration uploaded their entries via a link on the said Google form with required details of the participant and the school. Each category was judged on the basis of the given criteria of content and creativity. On the basis of merit, the participants were shortlisted for three positions in each category. The winners of each category and all the participants of the four categories were mailed an E-certificate for their achievement and participation respectively. A whopping participation by the prestigious schools Pan India culminated the event in a grand success.


A Sports Activity “Zig Zag pattern Walking” was organized for the children of Preschool, inspired by the festival of Diwali ‘Light my Diya’ on 22.10.21, through the online class platform. 

All the children were encouraged to walk on the zig-zag pattern, made on the floor, slowly and steadily balancing their body, then pick up the sticker of paper lit kept in the middle of the path and paste it on the Díya image kept on a table at the end. After completing the Diya, they wished ‘Happy Diwali’ to everyone. This activity helped them in building their gross muscles and improving their attention span. This activity helped hyperactive children to concentrate and calm themselves.  


Dussehra was celebrated virtually in the Montessori department on 12.10.21. The main aim of the celebration was to acquaint the children with the historical story of Lord Rama and Goddess Durga. All the tiny tots were looking excited in traditional attires. The little ones showcased their talent and participated in various activities like role play, dance, shlokas, speeches, rhymes etc. They participated enthusiastically in different art and craft activities on Dussehra and Durga Puja. The ambience was filled with festivity and the children enjoyed it with great zeal and zest.


Art and craft activities help instil a sense of achievement and pride in children, boosting their self-confidence. To bring their creativity to the forefront, a virtual stick puppet making activity was organised for the children of Pre-Primary on 07.10.21. The class teachers demonstrated the steps and the children presented their immaculate work by making colourful puppets of birds using their creativity. This activity proved to be a true learning experience for all the children as it was related to the theme of the month " Birds".


Rhyme dramatization was organised for the children of Pre- School on 07.10.21. The children made all the characters of each rhyme come alive through their way of presentation. They enthralled with their articulation & memory skills while reciting rhymes. It was an excellent opportunity for them to gain confidence. They explored a range of different themes like birds, trees, animals, nature, friendship etc. The emphasis was on facial expressions, voice modulation and body language. The event was appreciated and applauded by all. 


To brighten up the day of the children and to express their love for animals, a Special Morning Assembly was conducted by our tiny tots on World Animal Day on 04.10.21. A short introduction and small messages were presented by children to spread awareness among their friends. Children were shown a PowerPoint Presentation and a video showing the initiative taken by their classmates to show kindness towards animals and birds, which encouraged them to participate more in such activities of feeding and taking care of animals. At the end children swayed on the animal dance song holding a stick puppet, animal toy or animal mask. The celebration gave an opportunity to share their experiences with animals at home or outside and learn to be more responsible towards them. 


For proper balancing and to develop muscle strength and endurance, a Sports Activity, “Balance and Walk” was organized in the live class for Pre -Primary children on 24.09.21. The children were required to balance a ball/ balloon between their legs with the help of their knees and walked on a zig zag trail already drawn on the floor with the help of a coloured chalk/tape. All the children extremely enjoyed the activity.


Fancy dress pageant allows the children to express their thoughts about the world around them. It helps them to showcase their creativity, boost up their confidence and helps in their socio- emotional development. Costume Fiesta was organized virtually for Pre-School children on 15.09.2021. They were given an opportunity to choose any character of their choice and speak 4- 5 lines on the character they were portraying. The tiny tots were beautifully dressed up as Mother Earth, colourful cartoon characters, various animals, save flora & fauna etc. The event proved to be a great learning experience and was enjoyed by all of them.


A Sports Activity “Bunny Jumping’ inspired by Animal Kingdom was organized for the students of Pre-school on 10 .09.21 through the virtual class platform. Children were encouraged to wear head band of a bunny, they hopped to collect the props of carrots, placed at equal distance and dropped them in the basket which was kept at the end point. It was a fun filled session that was enjoyed and performed by all children.


A good story can imbibe the right values in the most impressionable age for which a Story Narration was conducted on 7.09.21 in Pre- Primary. Children were beautifully dressed up in their favourite story character and presented their story with facial expressions and voice modulation. These little storytellers won everyone’s heart and were applauded for their efforts.


Art and craft activities give children a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence. A Paper plate craft activity was organized for the students of Pre- Primary  related to the theme of the month "Animals" on 3.09.21. Children enjoyed making different animals with paper plates. This activity helped them in enhancing their creativity and artistic skills. The children participated enthusiastically.


Children of Pre-School & Pre-Primary presented a virtual joint morning assembly on 28.09.2021 to celebrate the value of a special person, Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation. Children enthusiastically performed & presented a variety of activities like dance, rhymes, speech, quotes, enactment of the three wise monkeys, etc. Our tiny tots dressed up as our dear BAPU added more color & zeal to the celebrations. A pledge was taken up by the kids to make our surroundings CLEAN & GREEN. The celebrations concluded with a poster making activity where children paid their homage to the Father of our Nation, Gandhiji.


To sensitize our children about the importance of animals our toddlers were taken for a virtual trip to Zoological Park on 31.08.2021. The aim of this excursion was to develop and enhance cognitive and aesthetic skills of the children. The students enjoyed the array of animals and birds. It was a great learning experience for them. After the virtual trip the children relished eating their snacks in the comfort of their home. It was an enthralling experience for them.


Costume Fiesta was organised for Pre-Primary children on 31.08.2021. They were given the opportunity to choose any character of his/her choice and speak 5-6 lines on the character they were portraying. All of them were beautifully dressed up as Mother Earth, Conserving Marine life, save flora & fauna and as various characters they want to become like Doctor, Athlete, Pilot etc.  It was enjoyable and a good learning experience for them.


Experiment Day on the topic ‘Explore Water’ was conducted virtually during the online sessions with the students of Pre- School & Pre-Primary on 27.08.2021. All the students participated enthusiastically in doing live experiments with water and exploring its properties and taking hands-on experiences with their respective class teachers. Children satisfied their scientific temperament through these simple experiments. They were also sensitized about the importance of water and conserving this natural resource and the ways in which they can contribute in saving water. It was a fun-filled experience for the young scientists which they thoroughly enjoyed.


A virtual celebration for Janmashtami was held for the students of Pre- School & Pre- Primary on 24.08.2021. They were explained about the significance of the day. The students were dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha. The virtual programme included various speaking activities, rhyme recitation, art & craft activities and dance performances by our tiny tots. 


A fun filled sports activity ‘Let’s Transfer’ was organized for the children of Pre- Primary through virtual class platform on 19.08.2021. The activity aimed at enhancing their gross motor skills especially their ankle. It also provided them an avenue for energy release, stress and frustration. The activity also taught them to be patient and increased their attention span. All the children participated in the activity with great zeal.

 ‘PUDDLE JUMPING’ ON  19.08.2021

Sport is an essential part of growth which offers activities that enhance gross motor skills, energy, and confidence among children. To enhance the same among children a Sports Activity - “Puddle jumping” inspired by the Rainy season was organized for the students of Pre-school on 19.08.2021 through virtual class platform. It was a fun-filled session that was enjoyed and performed by all children. This activity helped them in building their gross muscles and improving their attention span, and also enhanced their knowledge on the topic of the rainy season. This activity helped hyperactive children to concentrate and calm themselves.


As India celebrates its 75th year of Independence, a Bal Sabha activity was organized for the children of Pre- School & Pre- Primary on 13.08.2021 to instill patriotism & adoration for our nation.  Dressed up in a white Kurta Pyjama & tri-colored headband/ wristband, our tiny tots participated in a variety of craft activities during the virtual sessions to showcase their aesthetic sense, creativity & to spread happiness on this special occasion.  It made our heart filled with pride to see our children spreading the colors of Independence across the department.  The 75th Independence Day was celebrated with great zeal & enthusiasm in the Virtual sessions. 


The Virtual Excursion to Mysuru Zoo was scheduled for class Pre- Primary on 11.08.2021. The children were extremely excited for the virtual excursion. Right in the middle of the palatial city of Mysore lies the Sri ChamaRajendra Zoological Gardens, one of most well maintained zoos in India. It boasts of a variety of untamed wild specimens who are a pleasure to admire, even though they might be kept in somewhat closed enclosures, still they seem to be well fed , healthy and vaccinated. It is delightful to see these magnificent untamed creatures in their habitat, the ambience was so well maintained and to add to the animal list there is an endless exotic collection. After experiencing the visit to the zoo, children relished their favourite meal. Overall, it was a spectacular experience. 


Friendship plays a vital role, as the remarkable bond brings delight and love in life, in the form of hope, happiness, and abundance. The children of Pre- Primary celebrated Friendship Day virtually on 02.08.2021 with each other. The children were briefed about the importance of friends in our life. They were shown the story of Lord Krishna and Sudama. They made a friendship band and decorated it in their own unique way. The celebration concluded with a virtual dance party and all the children were delighted to wish a very happy friendship day to each other. 


Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment. Children are naturally creative. To give a vent to their creativity, a fun activity of colouring was organized for the children of Pre- School & Pre-Primary on 30.07.2021.  Pre- School children enjoyed colouring in an ‘ICE -CREAM’ whereas Pre- Primary children exhibited their vibrant skills in ‘RAINY DAY SCENE’ using their creativity to its full potential. All the children participated with zeal and enthusiasm. 


A virtual fun activity – ‘LOOK AND SPEAK’ was conducted on 26.07.2021 for Pre-Primary children. The little ones were delighted to express their thoughts and feelings about their favourite toy, food or colour. They described their belonging in a very special way and explained why it is so close to them. The activity aimed at boosting their confidence and enhancing their speaking skills. All the children participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. 

SPORTS ACTIVITY- ‘FOLLOW THE TRAIL’ 06.07.2021                      

A sports activity “Follow the Trail” was organized for the children of Pre- Primary on 06.07.2021. In this activity, they were suggested to jump and follow the trail which was made beside them with the help of their footwear. The activity was performed by each and every child during the online session which helped in the development of his/ her gross motor skills and cognitive skills.

SUMMER CAMP- FUN ACTIVITIES 06.05.2021- 04.06.2021

Summer camp is a community where children come together to have fun while learning lifelong lessons. Various Fun Activities were organised for the children of Pre- School & Pre- Primary from 06.05.20201 to 04.06.2021. These activities aimed at developing a sense of independence among children while trying new things. These activities also assisted the children with relationship-building skills thereby learning to work and play together. Some of these activities were Table Etiquettes & Napkin Folding, Flameless Cooking, World of Puppets, Paper Folding activities, Speaking activities, Story Narration, Paper tearing & pasting and many more.


The activity was organized for Pre-Primary children on 10.5.21 virtually. This activity helped in strengthening their gross muscles, building their body balance, and gaining confidence. The children participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the activity.


Mother’s Day is a special day for all children. Mothers are the emotional backbone of the family who has the magic touch to heal all wounds and makes all things beautiful. Keeping this emotional bonding in mind, a Mother’s Day card-making activity was planned for the Pre-School & Pre- Primary children on 07.05.2021. As we all are indoors due to the covid-19 lockdown, the activity was demonstrated through a virtual platform. Children enthusiastically participated and made beautiful cards for their mothers. They were encouraged to speak lines for their mothers and also recited a song for them. This activity helped in building a bond of love and affection and in making this special day all the more special for their mothers.


Children are the next caregivers of the environment and beneficiaries of the countless bounties of nature. It is important to make them realise about their role in caring for Mother Earth from early childhood. The students of Pre-School & Pre- Primary celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April 2021 virtually. They were told about the small contributions they can make to save the environment. These included reusing waste, switching off lights, taking shorter baths and avoid playing with water, nurturing for trees, keeping their surroundings clean, avoid the use of plastic bags, etc. They were advised to adopt a tree and to encourage the same; students planted their own saplings in empty coconut shells, old glass bottles, and pots. They were asked to nurture them henceforth. The active participation from the students made the event successful. The tiny tots also took a pledge to keep their environment clean and plant more trees.

ADAPTATION PERIOD 12.04.2021 TO 16.04.2021 (Pre School)

Covid-19 has resulted in school shut all across the country. Children are out of classroom; as a result, education has changed dramatically, with distinctive rise of e-learning. The new session started with a welcome note by the Principal sent to all the parents through electronic media. Like we say, the show must go on, our youngest family members were welcomed by their respective teachers with same enthusiasm unlike every year. 

The adaptation period was brought in with lots of fun and innumerable activities, which turned out to be more appropriate and effective method of e- learning. These activities gave a joyful start for the young learners to a pleasure called “school” and helped the young minds to settle down in the new environment.

The children enjoyed story narration, fun activities like hand printing, finger printing, playing with dough, puppet show and loved dancing on the rhythm of various rhymes and songs.


Due to COVID 19, children are not able to visit the school, so to acquaint them with their school, a Virtual Fun Activity was organised for Pre- School & Pre-Primary children on 19.04.21 & 16.04.2021 respectively. They were made aware about the importance of School in life and its role in shaping one's future through an interactive discussion and a short presentation.  To enhance memory, expression and speaking skills, they were encouraged to frame short sentences on their own about their school - the people in the organization and infrastructure. A fun game "Pack Your Bag" was played to develop the sense of belongingness. An activity sheet was also given to the children to foster their analytical skill. Overall, it was a fun- loving day for all the students.