Activities Montessori Department (2020-2021)

Unity in Diversity


To inculcate the sense of unity among the children, a virtual Fun Activity was organized for Pre-School and Pre-Primary children on 29th January 2021. The teacher briefly explained them about the Mother India and its diversity. All the children came dress up representing the selected state by them and were encouraged to speak few lines related to its people, language, food, festival etc. They also enjoyed tapping on the music related to that particular state. The essence of the activity was to help students value the rich heritage that India has and to value Unity. The little ones took part with enthusiasm and zeal and with true national spirit.



To appreciate the work and express our gratitude towards our community helpers, a virtual fun activity of Character Depiction- Role play activity based on community helpers was organized on 27.01.2021 & 15.01.2021 for Pre- School & Pre-Primary children respectively. They came dressed up as different helpers like doctor, plumber, soldier, corona warriors etc. All the children spoke 7 to 8 lines on the character they depicted. This activity helped them to develop their self- confidence and their social skills. 


To bow to the struggles and sacrifices of our soldiers, to pay gratitude to our Indian warriors who work for the prosperity of our nation and to celebrate 72nd Republic Day of India, an online activity was organised in the Montessori department for the children of Pre School and Pre- Primary on 22nd and 25th January 2021. The activity aimed to motivate them to love and respect their country and inculcate the feeling of patriotism. All the children were dressed up in an attire which gave a sense of attachment to the country and showed their love for the nation in the form of dance, song, rhyme, role play and other speaking activities etc. The celebration ended with the message to live in peace and harmony and our tiny tots tapped their feet on a patriotic song.

Cartoon Drawing Activity

Cartoon Drawing Activity Cartoons are an inevitable part of every child's life and help to increase a child's imagination and creativity in a fun and interactive way. To give a vent to their creativity, a Fun Activity of cartoon drawing and colouring was organized for children of the Montessori department. Both Pre-school and Pre-primary children actively participated and made beautiful cartoons using their creativity.

Children’s Day Celebration 

Children’s day was celebrated virtually on 11th November 2020 in Montessori Department. The celebration focused on children and their enjoyment. The tiny tots were dressed up in party attire and were full of enthusiasm and excitement. The celebration commenced by highlighting the importance of this day through a short Powerpoint presentation followed by children expressing their views on Nehru Ji. The main fascination of the program was a puppet show, “Nani Ki Kahani” which cheered up the kids.
The celebration concluded with a virtual party and a dance to the song ‘If you are happy and you know it’. Children were also encouraged to do various activities such as planting a tree at home, do social services like donating toys, masks, sweets, etc. to the needy people, do various craft activities in remembrance of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, and a lot more. The happiness on the students' faces was more than evident during the virtual celebration.

Diwali Celebration 

Diwali, the pious occasion of lights was celebrated virtually on 10th November 2020 in Montessori Department with great zeal and fervor. The celebration culminated with a song highlighting the message of Diwali followed by a short PPT sensitizing children to the importance of the festival.
The tiny tots were dressed up in traditional attires and there was festive ambience all around. They showcased the spirit of Diwali through mesmerizing dance performances, melodious songs, rhymes, and shlokas. The little ones displayed their creative skills through Diya decoration and their delightment was shown through dance on the song ‘Deep Jalao’.
To sum up the cultural programme, the children raised slogans- ‘Green Diwali Clean Diwali’ and ‘Say No To Crackers’. They also took a pledge to celebrate safe and pollution-free Eco-friendly green Diwali.

Story Narration Activity

A virtual Story Narration Activity was organized for Pre School children on 19th November 2020. The young vibrant and enthusiastic storytellers came forth with wonderful stories and performed spectacularly narrating their favourite stories using a variety of creative props to make their stories interesting and expressive.
Children discovered it really interesting and got themselves engrossed in story narration. Overall, this activity helped the young souls with creative thinking, boosted their confidence, and enhanced their speaking skills.


To help children boost their creativity and confidence a virtual dance activity-Dance Mania was organized for the children of Pre-Primary 14.10.2020. The children were dressed up in colourful costumes and swayed to the beats of different folk, festival, and child-centered songs.


To bring the creativity to the forefront a virtual Stick Puppet making activity was organised for the children of Pre-Primary on 09.10.2020. The class teachers demonstrated the steps and the children presented their immaculate work by making colourful puppets of birds using their creativity. This activity proved to be a true learning experience for all the children as it was also related to the theme of the month “Birds”.


Rhyme Dramatization was conducted online in Pre- School classes on 07.10.2020. The little ones got an opportunity to showcase their talent by reciting their Favourite Hindi or English Rhyme on different themes like nature, animals, birds, trees, cleanliness, friendship, etc. The main aim of the activity was to develop the speech, communication, and presentation skills of the children.


To commemorate the birth anniversary of Gandhi Ji, children of the Montessori Department took the privilege of paying homage to the noble soul through a virtual morning assembly on 01.10.2020. The children showcased their speaking, dancing, and singing skills through rhymes, songs, dance, role play, etc. The celebration concluded with a dance by pre-primary children followed by a pledge on Swachh Bharat.

Hindi Story Telling Activity

An online “Hindi Story Telling Activity” was organized for the students of Pre-Primary on 24th  & 25th September2020.

The budding artists exhibited brilliant performances with vivid narrations and vibrant attires. They were well equipped with various backgrounds, props, and hand puppets. As a learning outcome, this activity encouraged the students to be more expressive, robust, thoughtful, and confident. It fostered their ability to be more skillful using correct vocabulary and pronunciation.

Look And Speak Activity

Speaking is key in supporting and extending children’s thinking and advancing their learning and understanding. With this motive, a virtual Fun Activity – Look and Speak was organized on 22nd & 23rd September 2020 for Pre School children. The little ones expressed their thoughts and feelings about their favourite toy. Their treasured toy varied from superheroes to soft dolls, to cartoon characters, to cars, etc. They spoke 6-7 lines on their favourite toy, describing its characteristics and its importance in their lives.

Costume Fiesta 

International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on 8th September to highlight the importance of literacy. CBSE announced the celebration of Reading Week and to keep pace with that, a Fun Activity – Costume Fiesta was organized virtually on 14th and 15th September 2020 for the Pre-school children.
The little ones came dressed up in vibrant costumes on the Theme – “My Favourite Story or Rhyme Character”. Children depicted their thoughts with enthusiasm and zeal. The event proved to be a great learning experience for the tiny tots and gave them the platform to explore their hidden talent with confidence which was never seen before.

Reading Week 8th to 14th September 2020

Reading stimulates the imagination of children and expands their understanding of the world. Reading through the pictures and sharing stories promotes brain development and imagination and also teaches the child about languages and emotions. Valuing these aspects, a storytelling week was organized and celebrated by the students of Pre-Primary. Children narrated stories from their favourite storybook and the videos of the narration were shared by the parents during this week. To further commemorate the event a  storytelling online activity is also scheduled in the upcoming week.

Paper Plate Craft

To enhance creativity in children a paper plate craft activity was organized for pre-primary children related to the theme of the month “Animals" from 2nd September to 8th September 2020. Children enjoyed making rabbits and teddy bears using paper plates. This activity helped children in enhancing their creativity and they participated enthusiastically.

Fancy Dress Show

A Fancy dress show was conducted on 27th and 28th August 2020 for the students of Pre –Primary to make this quarantine, one of the most memorable and fruitful experiences. Participating in such a show encouraged our children to showcase their creativity, potential, and energy and gain confidence. There was a lot of enthusiasm and excitement as the little ones walked forward displaying their vibrant costumes enhancing their speaking skill. The show proved to be a  great learning experience for the students and explore their hidden talent.

Experiment Day 

To sensitize our children towards saving water and to explain the various properties of water, an Experiment Day was organized virtually for Pre- School on 26.08.2020 & Pre- Primary on 20.08.2020 & 21.08.2020. All the children performed live water experiments along with their respective class teachers as per their time slots.

They were involved in a various in-hand experience like:

 Experiment explaining various properties of water- shapeless, colourless & odourless
 Concept of sweet, salty and sour was practically explored by the little ones.
 An experiment about the objects that Float & Sink in the water
 Experiment explaining about increasing the density of water- using saline water &  lemon
 Oil and Water- using oil and colour in water and the droplets were
formed. Through these experiments’ children explored water in different ways and value it as a precious resource. They were also explained about the various ways in which we can save water. A fun-filled day for the children which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Independence Day- My Country My Pride

To nurture the feeling of patriotism among children Independence Day was celebrated virtually on 14th August 2020 by Pre- School & Pre- Primary children.
The little ones were dressed up in traditional attires wearing tricolor bands and badges, swaying flags in their little hands. They were explained about the importance of celebrating Independence Day. It was a moment of pride remembering and paying tribute to all our freedom fighters who laid their lives for our country, India. Children were encouraged to speak a few lines or rhyme to further strengthen the feeling of love and respect towards the country.


To take a step further for enhancing the speaking skills of the children a speaking activity was planned for the students of Pre-Primary in which the child had to prepare and speak on any of the following topics:

• My favourite family member
• My new way of learning (Online Learning)
• My days at home

The children expressed themselves on the topic of their choice using
different props.


The first virtual excursion to National Zoological Park for Pre School and Pre Primary was planned on 25.04.2020 as an amusement activity in an effort to break the monotony of lockdown. The aim of such an excursion was to develop and enhance cognitive and aesthetics skills of the children. It was a delightful experience immensely enjoyed by their children watching various animals and birds. The excursion was also appreciated by all the parents.

Earth Day 22.04.2020

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. To sensitize the children about conservation of Natural resources and motivate them to make their planet beautiful, an activity was planned to make the children express their feelings on Earth Day. Children made placards with slogans and spoke about how to save mother earth. This activity helped in engaging them and enhancing their speaking skills during the quarantine period.